IOGEAR KEYMANDER: Play Console Games With A Mouse And Keyboard

Ultra Unboxing - A new chapter is about to open in the long-lived war in between enthusiasts of gamepads versus mouse/keyboards. Iogear’s KeyMander includes an additional chapter to that war by delivering on the long-hoped-for promise of a mouse/keyboard games on a console– or at least the majority of the systems: PlayStation 3 out of the box, Xbox 360/Xbox One at launch (following a free firmware download), and PlayStation 4 to be included at a later date.

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JohnnyTower2647d ago

Is t this kind of backwards? A mouse and keyboard would most likely be played on a desk. How many consoles are in front of a desk? I use my air mouse when I'm in my living room. I can't imagine a keyboard and mouse cluttering up my media room with all my other remotes and controllers.

DomceM2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

then clearly this product is not for you. However, a lot of people use stuff like this and own console gamers b/c kbm is vastly superior to controllers. Take a look here;

Next time a guy goes 43-4 in your game you will now know why.

EDIT: lol the guy in 3rd video down went 78-8 in blops 2. Yeah that shows you how good kbm vs controller really is.

JohnnyTower2647d ago

Well for me anyways, I play my PC games in my office and my console gaming in my media room.
I have my pc hooked up wireless hdmi so I can watch movies and such in my media room, but I cant imagine Kbm gaming in my living room. Maybe Im a minority. Im not as competitive in deathmatch as I used to be. ;)

Utalkin2me2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )


It doesn't show how good a KBM is. It just shows people will do anything to get the upper hand. Of course a KBM is better then a controller. Why don't people just play PC then? ohhhh it's because everybody is using KBM and they don't have upperhand.

And i am clearly not impressed by those numbers you stated either, thats very easy to do with a controller. That just shows that you're not very good.

RevXM2647d ago

I had the FragFX a few years back and the 2 or 3 hours it worked it was shit. Tried COD4, Killzone 2 and resistance 2, complete waste and it didnt feel like an actual mouse while playing at all.
its a mouse emulating a controller so to speak and that kind of what it felt like too and it was trash, sort of slow and juddery and had problems translating movements I would normally do with a real mouse, especially diagonal ones.

So I stopped believing in those BS converter and mouse accesories as I saw just about everyother product out there had just as many frustrated people in their forums and comments sections with stories that pretty much aligns with mine.

I kept the mousepad that came with my FragFX tho, it was the only good thing about it.

DomceM2647d ago


Oh really you joker... Take a screenshot proof of yourself going 78-8. Then ill consider what you say. Until then i am going to assume you are full of ____.

Ive played on consoles for a very long time, and i have only seen scores like that once in a blue moon (no doubt by someone using kbm), esp in killzone.

And people who are serious about gaming (esp competitive) do play on pc. Casuals who dont give a damn play consoles. Like yourself for example.


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