Gamespot: EyeToy Play: Hero Hands-On

We check out the latest game to use Sony's EyeToy peripheral, an adventure game that ships with its very own sword.
We almost did a double take when we saw EyeToy Play: Hero at Sony's PlayStation Day in Europe. A PlayStation 2 game based on the company's USB camera peripheral, Hero is being aimed at younger players who want to play as a hero in their very own fairy tale. The game is a story-driven affair, a first for an EyeToy game, and it will also come with its very own custom peripheral, a green sword that you use to fight off the various monsters in the game. We picked up a prototype of the game at Sony's party and got a first play ahead of its release in October.

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Montrealien3868d ago

The Ps2 just keeps on ticking, lol. Love it.

jadenkorri3868d ago

but i think they really need to let the ps2 go, move onto the ps3 now forget the old console, i know there making money off the ps2 for lasting 10 years, but cmon, i gave up my ps2 for a ps3

Alexander Roy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Yeah, the PS2 can't be killed apparently. Although I'd rather see the next EyeToy game on PS3, which could make some more people buy one. Plus, I could use some more exercise.

Harry1903868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

when are they going to release some info on the interactive menu?It's slated for 2010,but until now,very little news has filtered.Here is some sort of video showcasing it.I don't say it's true,but it's damn impressive.

Close_Second3868d ago a pile of marketing bollocks. I don't doubt Sony won't deliver on the full potential of the PS3 EyeToy however, most the people in that video are not even looking at the screen/eye-toy when interacting with the CGI objects/characters. Talk about a pre-scripted video of vaporware at the time...

mabreu3868d ago

I hope they support the playstation eye soon. I am beginning to forget about its existence. There so much potential with this peripheral.