Mortal Kombat's Creator Talks

Since its 1992 debut in arcades, Midway's fighter Mortal Kombat has been acclaimed by players and denounced by livid parents. The superviolent fatalities and finishing moves put it front and center at the local quickie mart as a must-play arcade game, but those same moves also fueled parent groups, which used what they deemed as a growing out-of-control level of violence in videogames to help form a formal ratings system.

In April, Midway announced the eighth version of the successful American fighting series, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, debuting the likes of DC superheroes Superman and Batman alongside Mortal Kombat characters Sub-Zero and Scorpion. GameTap caught up with co-creator Ed Boon, who spoke about the new inclusion of DC characters, balancing superheroes such as Superman, the new storyline, and the new face of fatalities and finishers.

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TheEndzor3815d ago

This is a disaster in the making

What happened to this franchise?

Montrealien3815d ago

It changed, we don't know where this is going yet, might work. At least one of the main men behind the game is still there.

I'm in a wait and see mood on this one.

BIoodmask3815d ago

is a disappointment to me. I am a long time Mortal Kombat fan. IMO the last good mortal Kombat was Ultimate MK3. Part 4 was 'OK', but every rendition after that they dropped the whole fighting engine.

Every character should have a standard set of moves, down + HP = uppercut, Back + HK = roundhouse...etc. Air juggles, corner traps..etc are all gone. When John Tobias left the MK team, Midway just seems to have focused on graphics and not gameplay. 'Mortal Kombat' seems to have been lost in the transition.

All Midway had to do was revert back to it's roots but they seem to have forgotten them completely. I could love this game if it 'actually played' like an old-school MK, but chances are that it will not.

Midway just should have brought back the old fighting engine back and they could have saved a lot of money on the DC license. And chances are they could have resurrected this franchise. Fighting game legends are remembered for great gameplay, not gimmicks.

Daver3814d ago

I agree with the game being disappointing, Dc comic in a MK game thats just dosnt sound right

What i disagree tho is that, No they should not have brought back the old engine for MK, what is done is done, we dont want more of the same old thing even if it was great.

They needed drastic change but it didnt turn out that well in my opinion, thats too bad i was an MK fan too, sure ill give it a shot but i wont buy it even if its great, i know i didnt play it but i dont feel it

MK_Red3814d ago

This game is just tragic. Among the newer MK games, Deadly Alliance was the only good one. Deception was also decent but Armageddon was a disaster and MK8 was supposted to fix it not throw everything out of the window for a stupid crossover.

BIoodmask3814d ago

All we can do is hope that this game is just a spin-off and that one day a true MK sequel will arrive...:(

MK_Red3814d ago

Thanks my friend.
Indeed there is nothing to do but to hope that this is indeed a spin-off and the real MK8 is made one day.

Mwaan3814d ago

You know you guys want to play as aquaman!

bootsielon3814d ago

But this puts the final nail in its coffin'. Freaking Sellouts.

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