Microsoft is probing Facebook's merger interest

Among the many choices on Microsoft's table after the Yahoo deal fell apart, you have to admit that a wholesale buyout of social networking phenom Facebook would make some of the biggest waves.
A tech industry blog published by Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Redmond's bankers had contacted Facebook leaders to "gauge their interest" in a buyout. Microsoft already holds a 1.6 percent stake in the social portal thanks to a $240 million investment last year, a ratio that would suggest a final price tag in the $15 billion range.

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wow4u3817d ago

That wouldnt be such a bad move for Facebook. They could get more of the collaboration / blogging tools from live (, and so Facebook users can have a more enriched experience. It would also be a good place for non-programers to explore

It will also be nice for my contact managment to be bridged between my social networking app and my hotmail account, using

Tempist3817d ago

Facebook is bad enough as is in how it deviated from it's original purpose (Getting to know people from school).

Look how down hill Myspace went after Fox bought it.

Monchichi0253816d ago

Whatcha talkin about son? Myspace has become 10X better with lots more features and the ability to pretty much eliminate spam. MYSPACE IS GREAT!