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I think we knew that Free Card Friday was going to go over well, but we had no idea how well. The blog is used to taking in a good amount of traffic, but apparently it wasn't ready for the EOJ community! We had an overwhelming response and we want to thank everyone who participated. Confirmation emails are going out today to the first 500 people that submitted their info, you should be receiving cards in the next 2 weeks.

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wow4u3814d ago

Eye of Judgment has sold 190,000 copies *world wide* in total.

This is just nonsense to say "used to taking in a good amount of traffic, but apparently it wasn’t ready for the EOJ community"

What? Really? 200k people (assuming *every single one of them visited*) and that is a big deal?

I think maybe they're talking smack *just a little bit* eh?

Montrealien3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I can't agree, did you ever see what 200 000 thousand people looked like in a field?

Real Gambler3814d ago

But yep, I was there, and I can tell you that we did bring the server down, for a full half hour. You don't need that many people to do so, trust me. We are not talking Google or Ebay here (with huge servers farm). We are talking about your typical everyday server.

Ten thousands hardcore fans hitting refresh every seconds will bring down any typical server. And sure enough, EoJ has tons of hardcore fans, myself included. Was definitively a fun event to witness.

Way to go EoJ fans!

JoelR3814d ago

EOJ may not be a million seller - but it has longevity and the players are all hardcore. (Canada has had card issues (almost impossible to find other then starter with camera) so it's hard to say if it would have sold better here)


"You're a THE EYE OF JUDGMENT Promotional Card Winner"

You were among the first 500 entries into the THE EYE OF JUDGMENT
Promotional Card Giveaway. Three promotional cards will be mailed to the address you provided within the next two weeks.
Thanks for your continued support of THE EYE OF JUDGMENT. Be sure to check your local retailer for additional cards for Sets One and Two!