The rules of gaming

Sean Ridgeley writes

Reading the 'Design 101' column over on GameSetWatch got me thinking about The Rules of Gaming.

In the latest edition, Raven game designer Manveer Heir plays Crysis on the PC and lays out what he thinks the game does right, and what it does wrong. The main point he comes away with is this: consistency is key. And this applies to anything: usefulness of abilities, style of level design, whatever. Consistency is definitely key, in all types of games, perhaps most importantly RPGs. Ever play a good RPG for a solid 50+ hours, and then all of a sudden the plot starts to get really...stupid? That can ruin a good game.

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eddierivera5684d ago

I dont know what to say but I wish I could afford a degree in gaming so I can try to help games from sucking so bad. It seems games are getting worse and worse every year. The first rule of gaming should be not making games suck, and they should be fun. I think most game devs forgot that rule. Specially since the next gen era started.

Pain5684d ago

Dont Cheat? thought that was the Only One...


10 Hardest Bosses in the Souls Series, Ranked

The Nerd Stash: “Whether you’re here to gloat about your victories or to see what the fuss is about, we present to you the hardest bosses in the Souls series.”

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phoenixwing4h ago

I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha27m ago

I used the Jungle Beat Bongos from my Gamecube

qalpha25m ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls


Phil Spencer: Xbox Talking With Partners to Create Mobile Gaming Store

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer in an interview in Sao Paulo during the CCXP comics and entertainment convention stated Xbox is talking with partners to help create a mobile gaming store that will be designed to take on Apple and Google.

"It’s an important part of our strategy and something we are actively working on today not only alone, but talking to other partners who’d also like to see more choice for how they can monetize on the phone," said Spencer (via Bloomberg).

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MrDead12h ago

"It’s an important part of our strategy and something we are actively working on today not only alone, but talking to other partners who’d also like to see more choice for how they can monetize on the phone,"

Then why is it when MS enters a market choice gets smaller?

Just the standard MS BS merchants buying others success.

recoctimocassirnff9h ago

Really Maniac? Really?...

For just the most recent example, Starfield.

But that game is so lackluster I haven't even pirated it for my PC.

maniacmayhem5h ago

Yes, really?

Your example of Starfield doesn't support anything Mr Dead is saying in relation to this article.

Just more "I hate MS" nonsense without a valid explanation.

S2Killinit10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

They are working hard to ruin console gaming.

MS’s new “mobile-focus” is their newest move away from console gaming. Terrible company imo

Godmars2909h ago

"They are working hard to ruin console gaming."

Past tense. Why do you think they're moving on to mobile?

Lightning778h ago

I guess Sony is terrible also because they're doing the exact same thing right? According to your logic?

Minute Man 7217h ago

As bad as people here trash mobile games, it makes more money that consoles.
You don't need a console just a phone and there is about 5 billion phones out there

Zeref7h ago

Choice get smaller? How? Yall are literally just saying shit now 😂

Seraphim6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

ie: we don't want to pay Google or Apple the standard rate we [too] charge on the XB/MS store, therefore, we look to use our infinite resources to create a new app that gives us the ability to maximize profits on our products while raking in a cut from those who wish to sell digital items on our new storefront. Think that about sums it up....

343_Guilty_Spark6h ago

Show the proof. The FTC failed and the CMA did too. You got nothing.

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Luc2011h ago

I remember how they partnered with Nokia and there was a windows phone... over 10 years ago I think.

Brazz11h ago

MS can't make their Windows Store work on their OS, let alone make a mobile Store for IOS and Android.

PitbullMonster11h ago

Will fail like their Windows Phones.

gold_drake10h ago

another thing no one asked for.

Lightning7710h ago

You mean the Same thing that sony is doing? Are you really gonna be that easily of a hypocrite?

JohnMarble10h ago

This is about Microsoft, not Sony. I'm pretty sure Sony has been called out in the past also.

gold_drake10h ago

i dont think i ever supported sony doing mobile shit.

like ever. so no, not a hypocrite

Einhander19729h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Sony isn't trying to create a store to steal revenue on either device, Sony wants to sell games using the app stores already on the devices like everyone else.

Don't pretend it's the same, it's not.

Always false equivalency with you guys.

7h ago
Asplundh7h ago


Wrong, It's an accurate equivalency. Sony created their own mobile store, it was called Playstation Mobile and it flopped.