The rules of gaming

Sean Ridgeley writes

Reading the 'Design 101' column over on GameSetWatch got me thinking about The Rules of Gaming.

In the latest edition, Raven game designer Manveer Heir plays Crysis on the PC and lays out what he thinks the game does right, and what it does wrong. The main point he comes away with is this: consistency is key. And this applies to anything: usefulness of abilities, style of level design, whatever. Consistency is definitely key, in all types of games, perhaps most importantly RPGs. Ever play a good RPG for a solid 50+ hours, and then all of a sudden the plot starts to get really...stupid? That can ruin a good game.

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eddierivera3817d ago

I dont know what to say but I wish I could afford a degree in gaming so I can try to help games from sucking so bad. It seems games are getting worse and worse every year. The first rule of gaming should be not making games suck, and they should be fun. I think most game devs forgot that rule. Specially since the next gen era started.

Pain3817d ago

Dont Cheat? thought that was the Only One...