Analyst Says Nintendo DS Guitar Hero Set to Sell "Several Million Units at Launch"

Kombo writes: Guitar Hero, without a guitar? Madness! Not so, says Signal Hill Capital Group analyst Todd Greenwald. Instead, he says this thing:

"We think this title, never having been released on any handheld platform, has the potential to sell several million units at launch, at a $49.99 price point. Furthermore, our retail channel checks show that big-box retailers are preparing to support the release very heavily. Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy should all be giving Guitar Hero: On Tour significant shelf space this summer."

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PS360WII3909d ago

We shall see. I was playing the dl version of Jam Session and that type of control works and this could be fun. I wonder though, several million..?

ItsDubC3909d ago

Ever since I severely underestimated the ability of the Mario & Sonic Olympics game to sell millions, I've been trying to keep my doubts to myself lol

PS360WII3909d ago

haha yeah I hear you on Mario & Sonic. I was laughing at Sega when they said they're going to sell 4million of that. I suppose though Guitar Hero is a big brand

ban fans3909d ago

I just can't seem to wrap my head around playing this game without the guitar. I've tried playing with a controller, and it is not nearly as fun. Would not be surprised if it sold well, though. Also would not be surprised if it sold well to a lot of disappointment on the part of the buyers.

40cal3909d ago

Great usage of the GBA game slot for the keys. Hope to see more of this in the future.