Top 10 Most Anticipated PS3 Games of 2008

Last week, Fronz and Grim gave you lists of the top ten Xbox 360 games that they were each excited the most about this year. Well Destructoid never like to promote a particular console, lest be accused of bias/fanboyism - so they have come up with their own top ten lists for the PlayStation 3 in 2008.

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Relcom3909d ago

a cookie cutter list. some odd choices

pharmd3909d ago

yeah, exactly.... madden higher than R2... thats garbage

jwatt3909d ago

Metal gear is going to be one of the biggest games this year.

MikeGdaGod3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

10) Street Fighter
9) Wipeout HD
8) LBP
7) Star Wars: FU
6) The Agency
5) Infamous
3) Motorstorm 2
2) Resistance 2
1) MGS4

EDIT: Spyro the Dragon!?!?!?!?! are you f*cking kidding me!?!?!?!?!

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Asurastrike3909d ago

Spyro? Maybe when the games were still being developed by Insomniac.

Cwalat3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

star wars and legend of spyro come before MGS4 ???????????

these are some mentally ill ppl that i can swear..

here is my list:

10. Bionic Commando + Rearmed
9. Wipeout HD
8. Siren 12 pack episodic content
7. Motorstorm 2
6. Socom
5. The Agency
4. Mirrors Edge
3. Littlebigplanet
2. MGS4
1. Resistance 2

alexM3909d ago

Not unusual since if you have nothing on your console then it better to bash some other console which has great games for 2008 spearheaded by MGS4

Cwalat3909d ago

sadly.. i think that's the truth...
what other explanation is there ?

one multiplat and one unannounced game before MGS4 (the PS3 game of the year)

sonarus3909d ago

Another explanation could be destructoid is useless. The 360 list was just as crappy

pwnmaster30003909d ago

ths list sux badly is like they were like fuk it lets just add stuff thats in the top of our heads
here is a better list
10. wipe out
9. socom
8. infamous
7. little big planet
6. yakuza ( america and europe imean )
5. valkaries
4. the agency
3. white knight
2. resistance 2
1. metal gear solid

i want to add more but it only said 10 so yeah.

callahan093909d ago

They don't even bother to put PS3 exclusives on the list? The first of the two lists contianed 7 non-exclusive games. And Spyro was above Metal Gear Solid 4? WHAT!?

This is a quote from that website:

"I’ve never played through a single one of the prior games in Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus of a series. But I’m anticipating MGS 4 (supposedly the last Metal Gear game) just as much as anybody else"

No. No, you're not. Give up on being a video game blogger, because: 1) You have never played through a Metal Gear Solid game, and 2) You have the gall to claim that you're anticipating it as much as me, and millions of other diehard fans, who have a vested interest in this story and long-time love for the gameplay? No, sir, you do not and cannot anticipate MGS4 as much. You don't know the depths that this storied franchise reaches with its plot and themes, and you cannot even fathom the kind of anticipation boiling over in the hearts and minds of the true fans.

Oh, and amongst the weirdest choices like Spyro and Madden, he has a bunch of great choices - but they're multiplatform releases. Why make a list specific to the PS3 at all if most of the games on the list are available on other platforms? A proper list that's actually worth reading would just come out with it and be a list of most anticipated exclusives. And on that list I would be sure to put Disgaea 3, Valkyria Chronicle, Socom Confrontation (the other guy did put this one), WipeOut HD, Motorstorm 2, et al

joydestroy3909d ago

Motorstorm 2 and Socom should have definitely been on that list, hands down.

TheEndzor3909d ago

People have odd choices in games

i lol'd at spyro

At least there is lots of variety in that list

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