Sony Will Do to GameStop What Netflix Did to Blockbuster

"At the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday, Sony (NYSE: SNE ) unveiled "PlayStation Now," an upcoming, cloud-based video game service that, if successful, could ultimately devastate GameStop's (NYSE: GME ) business."

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jay22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I don't agree, we're not getting 100% quality the discs and it's dependent on your net connection, I've said it all the way though, the worlds NOT ready for streaming. The fact that quality and lag is present shows that. If I could sell my PS3, grab my controller and play AT THE VERY LEAST on par PS3 Disc-based game, or see games at 1080P 30/60FPS, no lag etc Perfect. This, however has major flaws and doesn't give you a full PS3 experience.

ShinMaster2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Of course you're not gonna get 100% the quality of a disc or digital download, but it looks pretty good so far at this early stage and might run even better with time and polish.

When it comes to movies, you can also rent physical discs from Netflix yet most people prefer to stream. Streaming quality may not be as good as on discs, but it's good enough. I realize it's not an accurate comparison though.

But I have to disagree with the article, I don't think PS Now is gonna hurt GameStop beyond (maybe) just PS games.

Dark3stShadow2711d ago

Lol I didn't mean to disagree with you it was an accident. But yea I agree it not forced so if you don't want ps now you can not use it and play like it never existed there is no problem or issue with having more choices in how to play games

sonicsjt2711d ago

It's finally happened...

4logpc2711d ago

Nope. Completely different form of entertainment.

cell9892711d ago

Playstation Now gives the chills to GS executives, its time to jump ship boys before the iceberg takes you down

Hicken2711d ago

Since it's not nearly as easy to stream tens of thousands of games- the newest of which are multiple gigabytes in size- and give the possessor some sense of ownership that can be traded in towards other games, or straight up sold for cash- PlayStation Now will NOT do anything to GameStop.

This claim, like many other half-cocked ideas about PlayStation Now and/or GameStop, is a joke.

cell9892711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Sure it was a joke today, but can you say the same 10 years from now? This are the same comments I kept reading and hearing about Netflix when it was first introduced as a streaming service (it started as a by mail service) and now look, Blockbuster is gone. I love physical media it's my personal choice of game ownership, but can't ignore the facts. The internet is taking over retail in all levels. GameStop will have to change their biz model or face shutdown, it's inevitable Mr Anderson...

medman2711d ago

Nice matrix reference cell989.

Donjune2711d ago

I don't agree with many of Gamestop's policies, but no matter how good Playstation Now is, it won't stop Gamestop. It will however be a cash cow for Sony if it's a good service..


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