AMD lays out plans for six-core and 12-core chips

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. today announced that it plans to release a six-core chip next year and a 12-core chip in 2010.

Trying to pull itself out of its 2007 financial and PR slump, the chip maker early this year released several chips and a key chip set. Now, AMD is laying out a road map for its servers and workstations and outlining its plans for moving beyond quad-core processors.

Randy Allen, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD's server and workstation division, said today that the company's first 45-nanometer chip, code-named Shanghai, is still slated to ship in the second half of this year. If AMD hits that deadline, its quad-core debut in 45nm manufacturing will be about a year behind Intel Corp.'s move from 65nm to 45nm technology.

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Nadine Coyle3910d ago

these chip designs cause be used for the next xbox/ps3.
i dont mean AMD doing it. but the way these chiips are going these next consols are going to be power houses!!!!

ZombiesNJ3910d ago

...where's the software the take advantage of quad core....? Why would the average consumer need 16 cores? If anything quad cores should be sufficient for a loooong time and people should worry about upgrading ram and video cards in the long run.