Great Color TVs Depend on Black and White

Eric Taub reports:

''Creating the sharpest television images depends on more than just having a lot of pixels. Video engineers agree that contrast - the ratio between the blackest black and the whitest white - is just as critical. Other things being equal, the higher the contrast ratio, the sharper the image.

In the black creation department, Pioneer is one of the leaders. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the company demonstrated a prototype plasma set that, when it went to black, was literally invisible in a dark room.''

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Stinkey3817d ago

i agree on the fact that the contrast ratio has a lot to do with how well the graphics look. I had my TV calibrated and WOW! things look a whole lot better. I went back to some old games and saw details that i never new were there. You also get a better sense of depth as to what far and what near to you. great find

MicroDeath SoftStar3817d ago

seen this tv and it makes others look low def

likeaboss3023816d ago

The bottom line is this. Listed contrast ratios don't mean anything since their isn't a set standard. Pioneer makes a great Plasma set but whites have been a problem. The 9G set comes out next month so it will be interesting to see how it does considering we know the blacks are suppose to be x5 deeper then the current model which is already pretty black. Right now the top displays are the Samsung A650 series for LCD and Kuro series for Plasma. The new Panasonic plasmas are very nice as well but still not on the level with Pioneer. They lack blacks that are as deep (but still very good) and have some color accuracy issues.