See How Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Compares To PC Version At Ultra

GearNuke: "Tomb Raider is getting a sort of a upgrade, re-release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While Crystal Dynamics claims to have upgraded the graphics along with some character models, it remains to be seen how true their claims really are, especially with respect to the already graphically superior PC release."

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curtis921746d ago

I do think D.E. looks better but it's certainly not a glaring difference. When you have to read which ones which, it's not too different.

DarkLordMalik1746d ago

Textures are similar across the board but new Lighting definitely gives a more vibrant look.

Now if only they sold it at a budget price instead of a full retail release price.

Kayant1746d ago

The thing I find interesting is the second pic with the blood. Why is the blood missing on the DE version? Like the guy on gaf pointed out it really shouldn't as it fits with the scene because you just came out of a pool of blood from head to toe.

ProjectVulcan1746d ago

I know they claimed they had done lots of work on it, what they really mean is they ported the PC version over and tweaked it a bit. Even with some extra effects it seems it'll probably be cleaner on a good PC because it appears they are only using FXAA on the consoles.

They had enough time, the game will be virtually a year old when it arrives on the new consoles.

I am satisfied with playing the PC version on ultra a while back, don't think I am missing much.

I think unless you didn't play it last year, you should wait for the price to drop if you plan to get it for a new console.

Ritsujun1746d ago

It'll eventually become free on PS+ anyway.

wsoutlaw871746d ago

I never picked up the origional so after hearing how much everyone liked it ill get this. The regular version didnt come out too long ago. Its not like an hd remake or something. I dont see a reason for a reduced price.

guitarded771746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Yeah, looks good, but not $60 good. Hold your wallets guys. Don't let them set a $60 price tag on remakes this gen.

I can understand if you've never played the game, but if no one buys, the price will drop like a rock and get to the $40 it should be at launch.

UltimateMaster1746d ago

I think it's always hard to compare anything on the Internet because a lot of times it's compressed.
But either way, better or equal don't justify the 60$ price for that game, maybe a completely new games yes, but not the game we've played.

mewhy321745d ago

the definitive version definitely compare favorably to the pc release. However, I can't really see paying full price for a game remake. I feel that 39-49 USD would have been a more fair price.

JsonHenry1745d ago

So they changed the character models a little, got rid of PHSYX, and cleaned up the weapon models a tad bit while lowering the quality of AA but still want to charge $60? NO WAY!

Ju1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

They changed that quite a bit, like massively. The devil is in the detail. More than I thought, actually.

Lucky for them that there's a game drought on the PS4 and I feel very tempted getting this game (again). I might just throw my nerves away and get it...but $60 is something my rational side of my brain tells me isn't worth it.

But it looks sooo good...not sure if I can resist.

Hey, and you PC fanboys...get over it. It looks better than (last years) PC version. LOL

decrypt1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


Must be fun getting a 400usd console for last gen games lol.

Since the new consoles have no games to play lol. Get the game Ju it will be perfect motivation for them to screw consolers over further, 60usd for remakes will become a trend. Just like charging for DLCs(BF4) you already paid for again lol.

Skizelli1745d ago


I noticed that too. That detail was missing on the last-gen console versions as well. It's such a memorable scene in the game, it feels cheapened with the blood missing like that.

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electricbolt90001746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Honestly I prefer the more stylized version of Lara in the standard version with vibrant colors, then a washed out higher-res textured package that seeks visual realism and more human like characters. Lara Croft seems to have lost her sad like face expression and looks like a totally different person

Also the fact they removed the vivid blood stains from her clothes suggests they are toning down the violence and are aiming to a more +16 rated audience, which doesn't seem a very good idea as it ruins it's original concept and darker tone that gave this reboot an exciting new look and feel in the first place.

Reibooi1746d ago

yeah I really don't like the way she looks in this version of the game. I loved the way she had a more stylized look in the original version. But now it just looks bad in my opinion. I like when a game tries to make it's own style and look a bit different(or alot different in some games) then everything else out there. Honestly I hope more people have a issue with it as well so they go back to the original style with the next game.

Juiceid1746d ago

Exactly. Just like a movie that should clearly be rated r is only pg-13. More targeted audience of sissies in this world.

Ju1745d ago

Maybe she's less whiny and more bad ass in that version. :)

frostypants1746d ago

I dunno...I noticed the differences immediately. I only had to read which one was which because I was surprised at how much worse the textures were on the PC version. Hopefully they will release an update for the PC edition.

MicDude1745d ago

Not going to happen. Crystal Dynamics said they are focusing on the console versions. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody mods the PC version.

showtimefolks1746d ago

will buy or rent it again but not at full price. Already beaten the game it was a very good reboot

single player story was on the short end of the stick so hopefully for sequels they will atleast try for that 15 plus hours mark

MicDude1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I have to admit that the Definitive Version of the game does look a little than the PC version at the moment. I say at the moment because someone out there will make a mod for the game to make it look just as good if not better than the console version.

Point, Skyrim on consoles looks like garbage when compared to the PC version packed with texture and immersion mods.

Check this out -

Ps4Console1745d ago

Pc wins hands down I think you'd better go to SpecSavers haha .

SaturdayNightBeaver1745d ago

I love now how every console peasant knows what texture and lighting is but yesterday while they were playing at 720p and 256x256 texture they could not tell the difference between console and PC. LOL

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Walker1746d ago

wow looks way better than pc

kingduqc1746d ago

If you take a look at the first Gif, the pc version look better imo.

I don't know man. 2560*1440 at 60 fps on pc for 7$ or 1080p version on console for 60$ hard choice hard choice lol

Muerte24941746d ago

depends on if the machine it's running is $400. I'm not talking about just the card. I mean everything including the monitor to display the 2560x1440. One word, doubtful. Like I mentioned countless times, PC brute force their games, console optimize them.

xPhearR3dx1746d ago


Did you really just include the price of a monitor with a PC while comparing it to the PS4? I guess Sony must be bundling TV's with their PS4's for $400 now then right?

Sarcasm1746d ago

"PC brute force their games, console optimize them."

This is actually very true. Mostly because of the open nature of the PC platform.

If a developer actually optimized to the metal for something like a GTX 780, it will be 2-3 times more amazing than what we see today.

And costs are a big factor. Ain't no way a $400 PC will be able to play Tomb Raider at 1080p 60fps let alone 1440p 60fps.

frostypants1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

You guys are effing blind or you are getting the images backwards. The DE version looks FAR better. In case you were confused, the DE edition is the one that doesn't have blurry, undefined textures. You should be hoping that they bring these upgraded textures over to that PC version.

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Muffins12231746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Very true,dont know why you got disagrees,in no way is the pc version better other than 3D vision support and framrate.........

Gamer19821745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Look at the screenshot with the blood on lara.. the shadows have blur on them a trick to save on RAM on the nex gen version and well.. Most of the blood is missing.. Guess to save on resources.. Either way if they added more stuff to consoles version you cant really compare to PC as PC has the capability to go higher it just has less textures. But if you wanna go as far as true superior.. Only one of the systems can play this game in 4K and i'll give you a hint.. MS and Sony don't make this system..

Ju1745d ago

Shadows are limited by shadow map resolution and that is limited by only one factor: Amount of video memory. Neither next gen console has that problem.

Deividas1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

The hair does look better on the D.E. and lighting improved drastically but I think it still looks a litte better on PC with textures. Not a fan of that massive blood splatter....thats a lot of blood....

Mr Tretton1746d ago

It's not blood 'splatter', if you played the game you'd know why she's covered in blood there.

DejectedJeff1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Lol i remember when this was announced and console boys were so excited they got the 60 dollar 30 fps no 3D version of a game i can play at 1440p at 60 frames for a whopping 20 bucks

edit: look at the agrees and disagrees on the announcement xD

aksmashh1746d ago


Most console gamers play on tv set which are 1080p max, i dont get why pc gamers bring that up!!

RevXM1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

its almost like complaining over your songs only being in stereo sound when you listen with your minijack headphones.

Lets wait a few more years if a new generation of consoles will see the light of day they will be running 4K for most games as 4K tvs become normal/affordable.
Now at this time I would rather buy a another car than a 4K tv. Not that I could afford a another car but hopefully you guys catch my drift.

Smelly1sam1745d ago

Do you not know about native resolutions? CoD plays around 600p on ps3/360 and there are currently barley any 1080p games even now for consoles. But most games are upscale to display correctly.

Ju1745d ago

^^ I guess you got stuck in the last gen, unless you got an XBo, of course.

Kennytaur1746d ago

And they didn't give a rats arse, because it's their decision to spend money on the re-release.

I hope those pixels and frames make you feel good about yourself, because it sounds like shameless bragging and self-justification to me. Have a nice day.

PersonMan1746d ago

Good for you? I'm happy for you.

However, I don't have a PC, so console is my only choice.

Sevir1746d ago

The new Lara Model isn't in the PC version, what's more several things were added to the PS4 and XBO version which were abscent from the the PC. Tress FX was carried over. What the PC version sports is better resolutions and frame rates but the definitive version on PS4 at least looks better! I didn't buy Tomb Raider last year, so I'll be all over it in 2 Weeks

BattleTorn1746d ago

I didn't originally buy Tomb Raider either, and will undoubtably buy it this month.

I'm not very enthused about it, but what else is there.

Deividas1746d ago

Wait a few months and get it at the price that it should be?

PrinterMan1746d ago

I thought it was one of the best games last year. Played it through twice. Every once in a while I play for a bit still.

Sevir1746d ago

BattleTorn. Its a pretty good game, played it at a friend's on his 360, it's just the game came out with many other big games, and I was already well into Them during that time. In fact I was gonna buy it used last year right before the announcement confirmed the DE version, so I figured it's a good time to enjoy Lara's Reboot when she's looking her best!

morganfell1746d ago

I did buy it on PS3 and played it through twice and I am still slapping down $60 on day one for the DE version.

morganfell1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Oh look, some people are disagreeing that I am going to buy it. Maybe pics will help. Talk about childlike anger...

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PFFT1746d ago

The exact same reason ill be buying it as well for my XB1. I didnt play last year.