5 things that I spent too much time on in GTA IV.

I hear a "Where's the GTA review, its been over a week DW, where is it!" from a few people, and to those people, I'm sorry. I tried to power through the story mode so I could hammer out a review, but I got distracted.

Distracted by what you say?

Let me tell you.

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TheUltimatePS3Fanboy3813d ago

I can't beat the story either because I'm too busy watching republicans in space.

ErcsYou3813d ago

My fave ..Bas Rutten from the "Mens Room"..
..Reminds me of my friend named Kahem (rip)....

crimsonfox3813d ago

shizzle like 2 hundred times i just wish kat williams was as funny as he is real life they just cant get it right-_-

Truplaya3813d ago

The pisswasser advert on the radio is by far the funniest thing i've seen or heard in the game, and the names of the guards in the prison!

Timesplitter143813d ago

wow... that was pretty f****** uninteresting.


People shouldn't approve lame stories

codeazrael3813d ago

Is GTAIV doing what Sony Home is going to do? And if it is, why did Rockstar not have any problems getting their game out while people waiting for home are still, well waiting? I mean in GTA you can shop for clothes, meet with your friends and do things. I mean I guess I'm wondering what does Home do that GTA don't???

GametimeUK3813d ago

... Dont forget all the technical online bullpoo homes lets you do... In GTA you use in game money to buy clothes... In home you use real money... Now im no expert but I think its common sense to realize that organising a buying system for home (which uses real money) will be harder than GTA4 (which uses in game money)...

GTA4 and home do share similarities but the fact home is online all the time and calculating a lot of random crap for every individual user AND with personal details being thrown around the place I think home needs a bit more care because its so unpredictable

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