1UP to Premier Exclusive Gears 2 Footage on Friday

That's all you need to know, really. 1UP's GameVideos will be the very first place online you'll be able to see the footage, and they will be posting it in all of its HD glory.

And trust them when they say you're going to be blown away. So this Friday, go to dinner, go to the movies, or go play some GTA IV -- but whatever you do, make sure you check back at 10:30 p.m. PST for the exclusive first Gears of War 2 video.

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TheEndzor3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I will definitely check it out.

Gears 1 had great graphics. Would like to see how it will compare to Killzone 2

Will be interesting to see how it looks

Adriana Lima3815d ago

at Unreal Tourny 3 on high end computer, that's gears2

Ri0tSquad3815d ago

Which is much closer to what Gears 2 will probaly look like.

Kleptic3815d ago

The one thing that Gears 2 needs in spades is the soft-body physics stuff...and the destructible environments w/ wide open landscapes...thats the only thing that the tech demo showed that is impressive for UE3...

I like Epic, always have...but each of their engines always reminds me a bit of Apple, adding normal stuff, yet acting like they invented the first few minutes of the tech demo show the new shadowing, dynamic water reflections, and layer manipulation in every game last year had that...yet Epic turns it around like its new...

UT3 is currently the best looking and running UE3 game...but to have the impact the first game had, Gears 2 is going to have to absolutely wreck UT3...of which is a tall order when using the same engine...

InMyOpinion3815d ago

Gears of War did not only have great graphics. First and foremost it was a blast to play.

The only thing we know about Killzone 2 this far is that it has great graphics.

After playing Gears 1 I'm certain Gears will be even bigger and better. Epic are the shiii<video comment continued>

DomUltra3814d ago

Killzone 2 having great graphics is an understatement, as it stands right now Killzone 2 has the best graphics, rivaling Crysis.

Pain3814d ago

Xbox 2 is NOT a High End Computer. so U fail.

Gears 2 wont be any Beter then 1. just a lil cuz of newer UT3 engine,
anything else u kids dreaming.

Go ahead flame me I care what Kids say.....

ravinshield3814d ago

all the ps3 girls are going to watch it,just to see the second best shooter after halo 3 ofcourse.well too bad u wont be able to play it

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pwnmaster30003815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

i will be waiting i hated part 1 but this is a whole new game so i wont say shiit. i want to compare with killzone. i will with resistance but the video was blurry as hell

lets hope they change then. but this game is like 360 biggest game, so on friday is gonna be hell. every fan of 360 is gonna back it up and say ps3 is over with this game while ps3 fans will try to fight back. man cant wait

toughNAME3815d ago

But its obvious killzone and resistance will be k1llz0wn3d by it

pwnmaster30003815d ago

how do you kno that you dont kno shiit about any of these game. so dont judge just yet, but i expect it to look like gears of war 1 with slightly better graphics. they re releasing these game way to fast

sonarus3815d ago

lol you mixed it up. Its the other way round. Gears of war 2 will be k1llz0wn3d without any Resistance :D

chaosatom3333815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I find it hard to believe that they will blow everyone with graphics. The gameplay, on the other hand, can.

The video is going basically show some new game play moves and show some new ways of chainsawing the bad guys. That's what the fans want, and that's what they are going to get.

Condoleezza Rice3815d ago

Only KillZone can KillZown,lol

I'm excited for this game,let's see what Epic have been cooking up shall we

PR0NE3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

this is comment number 66 in the gamer zone,
I am seeing 360 fanboys talking about how great GeoW was, and GeoW2 will be and hating on kz2 and R2, i have one question: are you all getting touchy?
nobody trolled on the news, but somehow you want it to be trolled to troll back, because trolling is all what you trolls will ever be, anyway, i wish you all a happy trolling and a merry new gears...

Montrealien3815d ago

In the first 10 comments you see things `killzone will own this` and such so yeah, the flaming starts on both sides.

Myself I can`t wait for this game, like I can`t wait for Killzone or Resistance for that matter but 80% of the comments here are useless fanboy crap. Let them stroke that little e-peen sof theirs, they love to stroke it amongst themselves also.

gaffyh3814d ago

I'm just hoping for 2 things a better story than the first game, and a better aiming system, Gears 1 was not accurate enough.

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toughNAME3815d ago

So you know they'll say it looks better on 360

Adriana Lima3815d ago

overall score: 12

all out of 10

Jo0j3815d ago

As opposed to what? The Wii version?

pwnmaster30003815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

bro stfu with that mighty gonna destroy every game gears of war attitude. you havent even saw it yet

wat that made no sence at all stupid bots, be like toughname and become from a dumb xbot to a fan

Adriana Lima3815d ago

I guess i did then.

trancefreak3815d ago

why dont you go read all the dumb sh!t written by xbox fans in the playstation gamer day submissions then u will understand why gears suks with an attitude

CViper3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Heres to them giving it a good shot using the Unreal Engine.

Knowing Epics usual form, we will have to wait until we press start. Gears and UT3 mysteriously degraded at launch.

Homicide3815d ago

I agree. The killzone footage was amazing. Gears of War 2 better not have that grey effect like always.

Booyah3815d ago

Well, it is Epic so my hopes are high for GeOW2.