IGN: Operation Darkness Hands-On

If you ever feel the urge to utterly confuse a young child, give them a copy of Operation Darkness and tell them it's historically accurate. The turn based strategy RPG begins with stock footage of the war and a brief overview of real events. Then it introduces the main characters and slowly starts to move towards the supernatural. IGN are talking Nazi zombies. The game also has werewolves, vampires and other nefarious beasties, but the game is not exactly fast-paced. After hours with the game IGN are only just now trading rounds with demonic forces.

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pwnmaster30003818d ago

this game is gay valkaries walks all over this game

FCOLitsjustagame3818d ago

Does the enemy ever actually attack or do they just stand there why you run around (with bad music) and shoot at them?

Nice cheesey voice acting there too.

Looks like a winner, ok maybe not.