SOCOM: Confrontation Impressions by Gamespot.

There was no real surprise when Sony announced that the much-loved SOCOM franchise would be coming to the PlayStation 3, but this time around, battle is being approached slightly differently. Developer Slant Six was on the show floor to give us a look at what it's doing with the game.

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TheEndzor3815d ago

For me this will replace CoD4 online

I love the Socom Franchise and this one looks good

FourtyPoundSteak3815d ago

The new pics are lookin hella good. Im loving the gun details for it to be in such early development time. Socom4Life.

sonarus3815d ago

I just hope i get into the open beta so i can see if i really like it. This will be my first SOCOM because i never took my ps2 online. All i need is a couple of good reviews to reinforce my decision and i will be downloading it on my hard drive in september

Cwalat3815d ago

it's really a smart move by sony to release one BIG PSN title every year... that seems to be the deal atleast..
last year:

Warhawk PSN 29,99€
Blu-ray with Headset

this year:
Socom PSN 29,99€(?)
Blu-ray with Headset

next year:

ErcsYou3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Next year:
Warhawk 2
Socom will hopefully take R6V2's place as my favorite shooter (so far) of 08...
(side note: please don't disagree with me just because i like vegas)

Bits-N-Kibbles3815d ago

I've played every single one (except the PSP ones)...

Socom 1: 1/2 Slim Jim
Socom 2: 1/2 Slim Jim & Bits-Kibbles
Socom 3: Bits-N-Kibbles
Socom Combined Assult: Bits-N-Kibbles
Socom Confrontation: Bits-N-Kibbles

Hit me up sometime

Rockwallaby3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I don't go to gamespot but it looks heaps better in motion then the screenshots

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The story is too old to be commented.