These new WipEout HD screens make waiting even more torturous

Jem Alexander reports:

''We can never get enough WipEout HD media and we're certain you're the same. New assets from PlayStation Day show off some of the vehicles in their full HD detail as well as some very snazzy artwork and screenshots from the game. We've been drooling over WipEout HD for almost a year now and we can't wait for its release, sometime in the next two months. In the meantime, grab a bib and start leering at our gallery.''

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toughNAME3911d ago

Speed Racer just got K1llz0wn3d

Lifendz3911d ago

Big wipeout fan here.

PSN Lifendz


just hope they make it better handling. everybody seemed to love the original ps1 handling controls for being difficult but i just found it ridiculous. slamming into every corner, just felt slippery. oh well i guess its just me being a noob. and the fact of there being no interest in the original for me 2 want to play more to become better.
i loved the hd trailer for this game tho. stunning 1080p/60fps visuals.
the game just looked like it ran really smooth. i mite get it if its only a cheap downloadable psn title. not keen for an expensive purchase. but thats just me

Britjadg3910d ago

really looking forward to this, bit of shame it hasn't got the hype it deserves.

thor3910d ago

That's because it's only a half-game sort of remake of the PSP versions of wipeout. That's cool with me (because the price is going to be half that of a normal game) but you can see why it's not been hyped.

SL1M DADDY3910d ago

I love the explosion there. This is definitely a day one purchase for me.

callahan093910d ago

Game looks pretty as hell.

Can anybody confirm that this game is supposed to run in real 1080p ?

Qbanboi3910d ago

Yeah, they already said it. 1080p/60fps

callahan093910d ago

Has any game that's already out been in 1080p? I mean I know a bunch will upscale to that, but I mean real resolution.