Grand Theft Auto IV Statistics Xbox Live and US 360 sales detailed

From the article:

''The Gamerscore Blog would like to congratulate Rockstar on the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. GTA sold over 6 million units, and broke the entertainment record with over $500 million in sales.

I got some data from the US team, and I'm here to share that news with you:

* Actual MS sales data from last week shows Xbox 360 console sales at retail went up 54% week-over-week as a result of GTA's success
* According to retailers more than 60% of all GTA games sold in the first week were the Xbox 360 version
* Retailers are telling us that the game is attaching strongly to new console sales, with roughly 40% of new consoles selling with a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV''

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toughNAME3868d ago

"Grand Theft Auto IV set a new record for time played, with the average gamer spending more than four hours playing the game on LIVE in the first week alone"

crimsonfox3868d ago

LAME i guess not everyone thought that was cool... i thought it said the most out of the whole article

Nadine Coyle3868d ago

well i bet my bottem doller that TAKE TWO IS HAVIG A RATHER BIG PARTY.

tokugawa3868d ago

that was obviously gonna shift hardware as well as a lot of software. toughname, your disagree was without doubt from the multi account trolling fanboy that is alexM... some people ey?!

niall773868d ago

thats not the 2:1 thing Microsoft where talking about

Montrealien3868d ago

60% of gta4 sales where on 360, that is what it says.

alexM3868d ago

but MS has a bigger base of x360 and the attach ratio is better on PS3

there are 11m x360s in NA vs 5m PS3s

so PS3 had a better attach rate.

GTA4 moved more PS3s in USA as well as EUROPE. In europe GTA4 moved a whole LOT of PS3s

sonarus3868d ago

Take two just scored 500mill from this game. I hope that money goes to fending off EA but the reality is, they will be bought out. They simply invest in too many poor sellers. EA takeover is inevitable.

TheEndzor3868d ago

60% of GtaIV sales were xbox?

last week it was 2:1

is next week is going to be 40%??

alexM3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

even in USA where PS3's base is 1/2 of X360's

the margin was 60:40

However GTA4 moved more PS3s as anticipated

Swedish gaming mag Gamereactor said that there are MAJOR DIFFERENCES between the 2 version

Swedish Gamereactor mentioned in their 10/10 review that they were pretty surprised regarding the difference between the PS3 and 360-versions. The PS3-version features better colours, contrast, load times and what looks to be better resolution textures. The game also looks sharper and has a more stable fps.


"For those wanting to know which version looks better, the edge goes to the PS3. The textures and framerate are comparable, but the PS3 has far less pop-in. The 360 has richer colors, but the PS3 has better anti-aliasing making it look a little cleaner. Because GTA IV can preload onto the PS3 hard drive, the in-game loads are faster. Don't worry Xbox owners, the load times are rarely more than 30 seconds and don't occur very often. The slight visual edge goes to PS3, but the 360 is no slouch. Either version will do you proud".

X360 version has FR dips too . more frequent than the PS3 version
"Past GTA titles have had mild-to-serious framerate issues and technical glitches, because the games were trying to do far more than the PlayStation 2 could handle. While GTA IV is pushing the PS3 and 360 to the limit, it also runs amazingly well. Sure, there are framerate hitches here and there and (particularly on 360) there is some texture pop-in, but it actually runs better than I expected. That a game with great AI, an awesome physics engine and a detailed open world runs so well and with such short load times is a technical marvel. For that, I can forgive framerate issues and some noticeable aliasing. "

EGM --"PS3 version looks slightly more vibrant and sharp "


"Occasional pop-up".........ONLY IN X360 version of GTA4

So happy that i own a PS3

GAMESRADAR also confirms that PS3 version is SUPERIOR

"While the PS3 and 360 versions of the game are functionally identical, the PS3's visuals sport noticeably smoother edges, along with a warmer color palette that makes everything look slightly more realistic. If you're looking to compare Accomplishments with your Achievement-hoarding friends, though, forget it - GTA IV ignores these half-assed consolation prizes altogether. PS3 owners also have to put up with a nearly eight-minute installation the first time they start the game, which puts the normally slower Blu-ray load times on par with the Xbox 360 version. (That is, unless it's running on a 360 with no hard drive, which we're told will face much longer loads.)"

Others here u go

x360 version of GTA4 will cause your xbox 3 FIX me to permannently RROD

apparently there is no fix for the FREEZING on the X360 version

x360 version's freezing is HW related

soi freezing in GIMPED BOX 3 FIX me version has no FIX

x360 version cant be played at FULL SCREEN also







It is OVER for XBUTTS and 3 FIX ME


You can easily determine the best version from a series of Comparison videos


As seen in the video one version sports SLIGHTLY brighter and more saturated colours . Look at the water at the end. Look at the ROADS.

You could compare this video to IGN's comparison

http://www.onlineflvplayer.... http://media.rockstarwatch....


look at the DIFFERENCES in COLORS of the cars/ shadows/ roads. Notice that one features yellow stripes on the roads which appear as white stripes on the other version. Notice the shadows which appear dark orange on one version. Notice the car which appears slightly more greenish on the ps3 version. The yellowish green tint is VERY MUCH NOTICEABLE in one version only. see the comparison footages from 3:00 to the end to base your judgement


Clearly the video demonstrates the slight improved brightness and color depth in one of the versions

VIDEO GAMER comparison


t-0_ot-3868d ago

Your are one sad sad sad sad sad individual. GET A LIFE. If GTa4 is "superior" on the PS3. Then why aren't you playing it? Why can't any fanboys answer that question??

People like you fight over the internet more than you do actually playing the games you fight over. That's pretty pathetic.

And, you call yourself a gamer??

caffman3867d ago

quoting sonydefenceforce as a viable source.
Sorry must go to the loo as I'm pissing myself laughing

Pain3867d ago

Xbots cant Read Big things like that It Hurts to Much.

they like it small and in bit sized info or else there tiny 1 sided M$ luving brains POP with RROD.

but its ok ill like to read truths, not M$ printed FUD.

captainjy3867d ago

Alex, you need to get laid or something. The NPD numbers will force you to visit We all know that Phony is not selling more consoles than the 360 so stop the BS.

AngryTypingGuy3867d ago

Wow, that was like a college thesis or something. AlexM, loser of the year. Just, wow.

Hey Alex, if GTA looks a little better on the PS3, congrats. Some games will look better on the PS3, others on the 360. Everyone knows that. Have fun playing your "superior" version of GTA. I'll let you know how much fun the DLC is in a few months.

Alex, you and every other brainwashed fanboy (on both sides) must realize that some people will like Final Fantasy and MGS, others will like Halo and Gears of War. Some people like the overall package of the 360 over the PS3, get over it.

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GiantEnemyCrab3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Good job MS!
You've been working GTA IV hard for the system and glad to see it is paying off as it should being the stable and superior version.

NPD should be very interesting and I stand with pinchers ready to chop off some fishheads!

Harry1903868d ago

this is not related to the article,how many accounts do you have?You can't have only one because most things you say are superficial and intended to excite other people.

niall773868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

but what happened to the press release of MS saying how GTA4 on 360 outsold the ps3 version 2 to 1

60/40 seems pretty good for ps3 in america since the 360 has a pretty big lead there.

maybe MS over estimated it at first

alexM3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

since GTA4 moved a lot of PS3s in eruope

GTA4 also sold more on PS3 in europe

40:60 is good for PS3 since MS has 2x the base in USA

x360==at 11m ...vs PS3 at 5m

@green aka MART

that was weekly figures

"* According to retailers more than 60% of all GTA games sold in the first week were the Xbox 360 version "

MS 60% == 58/59% actually

also NOTE the "first week"

green3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

That was 1st day sales figures and this is for a week.60:40 is more realistic.

Anyway good sales all round.SOny ,micro and Rockstar made a lot of money from this game