Steam Machines will take bite out of games console market

The steam machines could really tempt gamers away from their consoles, argues PCR Online in an opinion piece.

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Kayant2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Yep. Especially with that price in the UK. Add to that you need Windows to get most of the games PS4, XB1 will be getting.

SteamOS is not going to be getting all big dev supporting it instantly early on IMO like PS4 & XB1 already have. That's probably the biggest reason it wouldn't have that much traction apart from the higher entry price.

thekhurg2763d ago

They won't even take a nibble lol...

mikeslemonade2763d ago

The consoles well sell essentially how much they're gonna sell. Steam box won't effect it by more than .01%

amiga-man2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I think this is more a threat to the PC market more precisely windows, If it can gather enough steam (excuse the pun) an operating system on PC architecture designed with pure gaming in mind could turn out to be lot less hassle and far more efficient.

Time will tell but if it takes off I will be more than interested in buying one.

Jacobite2762d ago

Why worry about the Steambox if your happy with your PS4 XB1 great, but most mature gamers like choice. I myself own most consoles upto this gen now my son and I have went full circle and back to PC gaming till something else interesting comes along now this might be it or not but knowing Steam (Valve/Gabe) might give it a go.

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Retroman2763d ago

ps4,X1 have NO threat steam come steam evaporate like OUYA no dev will back them up.

MultiConsoleGamer2763d ago

Ouya has over 500 games, exclusive titles, a recently released limited edition version and a new updated version is on the horizon.

It also got picked up by several big retailers.

Most "Internet gamers" are completely ignorant of the new market.

JsonHenry2763d ago

lol @ Ouya being vaporware. I know a lot of people that have one. And the games catalogue is quiet large compared to either new console.

And no dev will back them up? That is how ignorant you are. Anyone that makes a game for the PC automatically "backs them up" and since the PC is the lead platform since the games are all made on a x86 for x86 consoles there are going to be a lot "back up" from the devs.

If the Steammachine launched today the amount of games on steam that are both controller enabled and linux supported dwarf what is available on either console.

Nerdmaster2762d ago

lol @ people trying to make it seem like Ouya is a success.

Kayant2762d ago

"Anyone that makes a game for the PC automatically "backs them up" and since the PC is the lead platform since the games are all made on a x86 for x86 consoles there are going to be a lot "back up" from the devs" - Not really it's not like Windows = Linux or that major pubs like EA, Ubisoft, 2K have announced their upcoming games are coming to SteamOs. So no atm they are not getting "backed up".

"If the Steammachine launched today the amount of games on steam that are both controller enabled and linux supported dwarf what is available on either console" - That may be true but it doesn't hide the fact 80%+ or more of those games are indies and not everyone plays indies none is it primary front for the majority of console which Steam machines are supposed to bite from.

Hicken2762d ago

So what ARE the Ouya's sales, MCG, Json? You two talk as if it's a big success. You speak like all those games are driving its sales into something significant.

But what are the sales numbers for the Ouya? Do they even remotely approach a number that could distantly be called "significant?" Hell, you can't even find any exact numbers for the thing; I read an estimate of 154,000 as of June or July.

Is that successful to you guys? Would those numbers for the Steamboxes be a threat to generation 8 consoles?

The Steambox- regardless of which one- faces many of the same problems as the Ouya, PLUS it's not as cheap. There's still the issue of an actual market(since it seems to be inbetween the console and PC markets, which can't be too many people), and there aren't any exclusives that would make it worth buying over other platforms.

So where does this confidence in the system come from?

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iamnsuperman2763d ago

A nibble at best. You make the point of your friend not understand the point because

"I'd argue your average console gamer doesn't want to put that much effort into buying a new system. They want a gaming powerhouse that will play the best games straight out of the box. They don't want to research power supplies or spend hours wiring up parts"

Yet you forget there are 13 different companies with some making several different versions. That is very confusing for the guy who doesn't want to "spend hours wiring up parts". Hell you can get someone else to build A PC for a similar price but it does the PC part (unlike the steam box's which is only a games machine)

"Scan's NC10 steam machine is the only one built in Britain and starts from £699 - a price tag that could really tempt some of the console gamers with a bit more disposable income but no next-gen console as of yet"

Didn't work that well for the PS3. The PS3 was only selling at around 400 to 500 at the time.

Look the bite is going to be incredible small. They have tried to enter the market but without the risks (getting third parties to manufacter them so they take the risk). Like Scottish independence it doesn't work like that

ELCUCO2763d ago

Only the Xbox fanboy that refuses to buy a PS4 would be interested in this.

PC gamers already own a PC (Which that's all the Steam machine is, in a SteamOS.)

PS4 gamers wouldn't want to pay more for less return. Sony knocked it out of the park with that price point.

BigShotSmoov0072763d ago

And how do you figure only Xbox "fanboys" would be the only one's interested in buying these? I don't think anyone is going to be interested in these things with the prices that's floating around for one of those consoles? I agree this isn't geared toward PC gamers at all but neither Sony or MS fans will want these steamboxes either.

JsonHenry2763d ago

I am the exact opposite. I have a PS4, no intention of ever buying an X1, but will be buying a Steam Machine.

Retroman2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

from JasonHenry

"I know a lot of people have OUYA that have one. and the game catalog is quiet larger"

if this is remotely true why has'nt any website made a online report "how massive Ouya catalog is" OUYA is like ONLIVE over looked and unknown= dead on arrival, STEAM-OS will follow. DREAMCAST will be at the funeral.
if not dead give few months no one will hear about it again.

grimmweisse2763d ago

Steam is testing the waters, how big the splash will be is anyone's guess. Although the current pricing seems like it might be a little splash.

Somebody2763d ago

Steam itself was prophesied to have a doomed future but look at it now. Steam machines might not make giant splashes but it will have a noticeable presence. Valve main business is the PC so it knows that total success doesn't come overnight or over several weeks like consoles.

Consoles are expected to sell millions of unit, fast and constantly. Otherwise it'll be disastrous(pre-PS4 PS Vita and Wii-U come to mind).

In contrast, PCs are designed for the slow, long run. Just like how Steam first appeared and I expect Steam Machines would be the same.

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