MotorStorm Intro

See the opening in all its high-definition glory.

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Tut4458d ago

Awesome! =)

It could have used more substance and a little more BANG! but overall a good teaser. The scenery at the beginning looked like it was filmed live although it chopped a few times (hardly noticeable). The narration was a little cheesy, too, but who cares? People don't buy those kind of games for storyline.


Antan4458d ago

Does it for me, but the voice over is a little....out of place shall we say!

DJ4458d ago

I had a Pablo Francisco moment with that voice, but it was sweet nonetheless.

Funky Town_TX4458d ago

Best looking game on PS3 hands down. I wish R:FOM looked as good as this.

ScorpioKyle4458d ago

wait until you play it.....

candystop4458d ago

Although this game does stand out as one of the best PS3 has to offer im still not impressed! I have a funny feeling that this game is not going to live up to the hype even in the visuals department based on this video and others! Stab me kill me and back lash all you want but I think that RFOM is a better looking and more entertaining game than this one!