Gamedaily: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Instead of renegotiating payment for his work, rapper 50 Cent grabs automatic weapons and splatters his former employers' brains. At least that's how it goes down in his upcoming video game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Created by Swordfish Studios, the brains behind the underappreciated PS2 shooter Cold Winter, this excessively violent and over the top third-person blast-fest has all the makings of a great stress reliever, providing it doesn't play like 50 Cent's previous game Bulletproof.

For whatever unimportant reason, 50 Cent and his G-Unit posse decided to put on a show in an unnamed Middle Eastern city. They were supposed to receive an expensive jewel for their troubles, but someone manages to stiff them on the bill, and the result is a bloody, 20-plus level romp through terrorist infested streets and buildings. 50 and his cohorts get "gangsta" on everyone, unloading countless rounds of ammo and performing vicious executions where they slit throats and fire guns into the backs of skulls."

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