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Today at CES, Sony finally announced why they spent $380 million on Gaikai. Called ‘PlayStation Now’, it’s an ambitious plan to bring PS3 games to PS3s, PS4s, PS Vitas and even TVs by cloud streaming them. What will this mean for the future of PlayStation? Daily Reaction’s Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari discuss. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2713d ago

Now, just to sit and wait for the now jokes.

-Foxtrot2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

We're at now now

Go back to then

2712d ago
EBTpickle2712d ago

God I love Spaceballs. Such a great movie.

GirlOnFire2712d ago

"The future is now!"
From some movie..

BattleTorn2712d ago

Greatness NOW!

(not really a joke, but the best I could come up with)

wonderfulmonkeyman2713d ago

Whenever I hear "Cloud streaming" from people pushing for the future of gaming, I inevitably go right back to dreading that console manufacturers are trying to go head-on into mandatory-internet gaming, like what Microsoft was doing with XBone before they pulled a 360 on their policies.

I'd prefer that Sony keep the majority of this Cloud stuff out of the equation and just find a cost-effective alternative way of doing native BC for PS3 games on PS4, and some sort of downloadable app for Vita games or something that wouldn't require you to stay connected to use it afterwards...
Cloud-based advances in gaming are only good in moderation right now.
Our networks and stuff aren't nearly strong enough to support the kind of always-connected future that these big-wigs want out of consoles.

Foolsjoker2712d ago

This is simply the ground work for, what looks to be, a shift in the industry. It is smart for Sony to get this ball rolling now, instead of waiting for most of the ships to have sailed.

wonderfulmonkeyman2712d ago

No offense, but I hope you're wrong, because I don't feel that the next industry shift should be towards Cloud reliance.

Army_of_Darkness2712d ago

I agree because for one, It's gonna definitely eat up your bandwidth. secondly,I already can't stand games that require you to be online otherwise you can't access or play the game at all!?
give me physical media to digital downloads over game streaming any day.

Death2712d ago

I don't think I would want to be the first to tell retailers your service is no longer needed. How do you think this impacts the value of retailers used game stock? How do you think this affects the value of your trades? If I were Gamestop today I would be trying to figure out how to unload my back stock of PS3 games before the service hits. I would be pushing consoles that promoted my business strategy over Sony products also. Retailers make nothing on hardware and make it up with software. Used games are where the bulk of their profit is. Take that away and guess what happens?

OrangePowerz2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I have all sorts or retro consoles and still buy games for them, but I gladely take the option to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to my Vita and PS4. It's just a much easier and faster way to access old games, especially when there is a well priced subscription fee that let's me access all the games of the service.

It would be a different story if all PS4 games would be streamed and you would need to be online to play those, but as long as it is only for the previous generation games that's fine by me.

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MikeGdaGod2712d ago

as a Gamefly member, i wonder how PS Now will benefit me. I already pay a subscription and i get to play everything.

GirlOnFire2712d ago

As it is called PlayStation Now, it should allow you to stream all your favorite games instantly. From PS1-PS3 streaming, not through the mail. It's an choice to get it. I might if the price is right. ^~^

MikeGdaGod2712d ago

thats cool and all, but i almost never play any last gen games.

when i bought my PS3, the last PS2 game i played was GoW2 and i never thought to play another PS2 since...when i got my PS4 the last PS3 game i played was GTAV....i might play the free PS3 games that came with PS+ this month (i'm interested and never played Bioshock or DMC), but i find it very hard to go backwards.

i don't know...between Gamefly and PS+ i think all my gaming needs may be satisfied. PS Now will probably great for people that like to go down memory lane, but i like to play the lastest and greatest then move on.

i guess we'll have to wait for more details.

ruefrak2712d ago

The way they described the subscription service made me think that it's going to be something like PS+. You won't have access to every game, but games will be made available to the subscribers at different times. This would then let you try games you might not normally have tried. Maybe, like Plus, once you've had access to a game you'll always have access to it as long as you're a subscriber, or it may be that subscribers will have access to set pool of games and once they change them, you no longer have access to the old ones anymore.