Drawing Conclusions From Sony’s Early Lead in the Console Race

New York Times: "Sony’s new video game console outsold Microsoft’s by a healthy margin last year. But why?"

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allformats2714d ago

Sony gets the gamer, that's one of the main reasons why.

The company has pulled off one of the most impressive launches of any product in any industry, and gamers are simply rewarding them for it.

That's apart from the obvious advantages, too:

1: It's $100 cheaper

2: It's more powerful

3: Multiplatform games look and run better on PS4

4: And damn sexy...

What's not to like?

NatureOfLogic2713d ago

I can't believe that the better cheaper more powerful console is selling better./s

BALLBAGS2713d ago

My two cents from a neutral who actually has both consoles.

to all the people stating Sony is in more countries than Microsoft does that magically make more pa4s available? NO it means Sony has spread themselves thin which is why you cannot find one for love not money,Xbox one is in less territories and is therefore quite easily available,Microsoft themselves have stated more countries doesn't equal more consoles.

if Xbox was spread in more countries then it may be harder to find as the ps4 but who knows as we are not in that situation .

it seems the demand for Xbox one is dwindling as the early adopters have got there's as the lead in the space of a month has gone from 100k to 1.2 million in favour of the ps4,despite being sold out and a huge backlog of preorders for the ps4.

Microsoft well generate more numbers when they ship to other countries which I think they should do now, they have many sitting on shelves so they should concentrate elsewhere as I am sure there is a huge demand for xb1 in territories it has not yet launched in.

Sony will pull further ahead when it releases in Japan,people who state Japan is irrelevant are idiots that is 10to 20 plus million sales over a lifetime

finally despite the worst console reveal in history Microsoft should be proud at how much they have sold,I said I wouldn't get one but have after the reversals,all this talk of less power doesn't really matter when in having fun with dead rising.and ryse is not as bad as people have made out but anyway console gaming is alive and thriving !!!

DanielGearSolid2712d ago

Another MS defense article? Theres no hope... Lol

Austacker2712d ago

Defending what exactly?

We've seen this before with the battle lines drawn. Happened last gen as well and at the end both consoles sold roughly the same number of their lifetime.

PS4 might sell more consoles this gen, but if by the end Xbox one sells the same number as it did the 360, I don't think Microsoft and the supporting software companies are going to be too upset, do you?

Microsoft and Xbox one are doing fine.

DanielGearSolid2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

If thats the case why do so many websites feel compelled to flesh out every detail as to why MS isnt on top?

I guarantee you none of them did this last gen, when the 360 had a one year head start... In fact the minute the Ps3 caught up to The 360 sales didnt matter anymore...

The 360 matching sales with the Ps3 is an embarrassment... It was out a year earlier...
It has to be an embarrassment right? Because damn near every gaming website is talking about the WIIU losing its one year head start like it's over for Nintendo

In fact there was an extreme amount of Sony Doom articles last gen, even when it was killing the 360 worldwide... Now all of a sudden the media wants to be level headed? And look at all aspects of the sales race? Its hypocritical. There is no denying that

Gozer2712d ago

Actually what we saw last gen was sony losing over half their userbase. Whetheryou like it or not their is a userbase of the Xbox brand.I bet the X1 does just fine, there is a lot to like about the console and the experience it brings. People in the gaming media are hot on hating the X1 because its gets them hits. I own an X1 and am happy with my purchase.

DanielGearSolid2711d ago


None of what you said addresses the double standards in gaming journalism I referred to...
I never said Xbox doesn't have a userbase, and you enjoying your console also has nothing to do with this topic...

Gozer2711d ago

No your are saying its all doom and gloom for the Xbox brand , which is not true. The actual picture is quiet different. MS came out with the 360 last gen and the whole sony camp were quick to shrug off the 360 as a second rate console and buy into sonys pr babble . It turns out the 360 has sold over 80 million consoles WW. That's over half the ps2s combined lifetime WW sales. MS has had great success with the 360.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

what race? The big three never said they're racing.

They only want to grow larger. They media need to stop spreading bullcrap.

punisher992712d ago

I take it you've never been to any business meetings. Every company wants to grow larger AND outsell their competition.

SoapShoes2712d ago

It should be obvious... It's cheaper and more powerful, but I'll list the reasons why.

1) Price. It's $100 cheaper
2) Power. It's more powerful and multiplatform games run at 1080p native, not 720p native like Xbox One.
3) Better first party studios. Sony simply has better in-house studios(Naughty Dog/Santa Monica Studio being their prized studios).
3) Sony's track record. Sony has delivered 3 consoles so far with outstanding games.
4) Sony supports their consoles even after the new one is released. Look at the original Xbox. Discontinued as the 360 came out. Look at the 360, the past few years it has been losing steam and last year it had only ONE game that wasn't on any other platform whereas the PS3 had nearly 20 exclusives including The Last of Us which has won more GOTY awards than any other 2013 title.
5) Microsoft nickel and dimes you while Sony has a better value overall. Microsoft doesn't have built in rechargeable batteries in their controller. Other things such as Netflix, Facebook, etc are behind a paywall and require Xbox Live. Basic apps aren't behind a paywall on PS4 and Sony's subscription model is better. Playstation Plus offers free games on a monthly basis across PS3, PS Vita, and PS4(this month has DMC and Bioshock Infinite for FREE).
6) BIG REASON. Microsoft's original vision with the Xbox One was hated and made them look as if they had no idea at all what gamers wanted.