Playstation Blog: HAZE lifts on PSN demo tomorrow

PS Blog writes: "Hi everyone! I'm Aymeric Evennou, also known as Ubi_Wuzzi, Community Developer on HAZE. I'm here to give you updates on the game and get your questions answered by the developers. Basically, if you want official answers from the team behind HAZE, ask your question and check out our regular entries on the PSB!

For today, my introduction for the first post will be nicely handled by this video, featuring Rob Yescombe, screenwriter on HAZE:

You got it, I wanted to give you details on the demo of HAZE hitting the PlayStation Network this Thursday. Some of you may know it, this demo will take you straight to the opening level, called Salva region. You will then have a first taste of the game by going through the entire first level, with its lush and bright jungle and its suitable-for-massive-assaults environment."

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skynidas3816d ago

Already downloaded it from the EU store and it disappointed me :(

lockload3816d ago

I had played it at Leipzig last year its definitely and improvement over that version but there's a reason why there has been zero hype or marketing for this game

REPLOID243816d ago

That sucks if it proves tomorrow to be true.

Doppy3816d ago

I downloaded it from the EU store, but the demo is so short you can't get a feel for the game. I mean gameplay is pretty standard nothing new besides the use of nectar. Graphics are slightly above average for next gen games. 4 player co-op works great. But you don't really get any story, you're just thrown into the jungle to kill people (which is probably why most people thinks it sucks). The game didn't have that WOW factor based on the demo, but it still should be a solid game if the story is decent.

Asurastrike3816d ago

The Haze demo is REALLY bad. Worst FPS I've played in years.

Breakfast3816d ago

lol...i dont know who to believe...guess i gotta wait till tomorrow...

poopsack3816d ago

You mustve not played much since Jet force gemini.

Ri0tSquad3816d ago

I think The Darkness is worse. But I thought this game could of been way better. The 4 player co-op campaign and online are the reasons to buy this game.

Ju3816d ago

Someone pointed out, that the game does not reflect the latest screenshots, and I have to agree. I have downloaded the demo from my European account yesterday. The latest screen shots show some differences on the HUD (e.g. health and nectar meter are flipped, and other details).

I'd say the single player is nothing out of the ordinary and the jungle could use a little bit more interaction. But the jungle also gives the rebels enough opportunities to hide and has a pretty decent size (IMO). It really underlines the use of Nectar because these guys really blend in to the environment. I'm not saying it is up to CoD4 or MGS4 or KZ or R2, but it certainly has a solid game play, that demo level has a lush environment, the framerate is rock solid and the image is nice and clear.

OTHO I just jumped into a multiplayer campaign at lunch break an that is a lot of fun. Jump in and out at any time. No wait, no mess. This is a unique selling point at this point (until R2 comes along, do know if MGS4 has this feature - but other then that, I know no game which does that so far - well, UT3 does or is close).

Breakfast3816d ago

Thanks Jew...we'll see how it turns out.

Gears of War does the jump-in-at-any-moment thing, in co-op. But, its only two player...until Gears 2 comes out...

Gorgon3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Well, let me put it this way:

I know I'm very harsh when it comes to judging games. I've been a PC palyer for the last 18 years and I played on a ZX Spectrum before that, so I can say that I've been a player for more than 20 years.

I don't have much experience with consoles so I can't really compare much to previous FPS on consoles. What I can say is that this game by PC standards is 6 years old. On the other hand there have been quite a few top notch FPS on consoles like Bioshock, etc, so I guess long time console players are perfectly abble to judge this game for what it is.

Whit that said, this game is utter garbage. Lush and bright jungle? This jungle looks like it was designed by the same guy that draws the Uncle Scrooge comics for Disney. It looks cartooney and completely liveless. The AI is completely retarded. You can shoot the back of your fellow mates to mess with their nectar and no one on your team gives a damn. You can then proceed to kill him. You can decimate your entire team with this proceedure without having any response form of response from the ones still living. There's no interaction with the environment. You pass through brushes and leaves and its as if they were not there. You shoot stuff on the ground and stuff doesn't move. I've seen no evidence of physics in the game by todays standards. Add to that a native resolution below 600p (still to be officially confirmed) and you start to get a picture...

Unless you want a multyplayer game or the story is really good (I wouldn't hold my breath), I see no reason to buy it. Consoles can do much better than this. This is a very poor show by Ubisoft. I just hope they don't screw Far Cry 2 on the 360 and PS3.

Ju3816d ago

>There's no interaction with the environment

Well, then it would be on par with CoD4 on that one. Does this qualify for a bad game now, or doesn't it?

Kleptic3815d ago

there is slight interaction with the environment...the grass will shift slightly as you move through, as well as the NPC's...

its definitely not bad...but the level is very only get to kill about 25 guys or the time I was really getting used to the controls (totally different layout than coD 4), the stuff was over...

good sound...good framerate...the weapons feel right...and its fun whacking a guy with the butt of the gun under nectar...he flips across the map...

its definitely worth looking into...

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PSWe603816d ago

Ubisoft, you delayed this game for 7 additional months, you better get on your knees and pray that it was worth it. Because so far the reviews aren't looking so hot.

Gorgon3816d ago

I think no amount of praying will save this game...

mboojigga3816d ago

From that video he sounds drunk just like one of the developers from last year previewing the game for 20 minutes. Now I see why the game sucks as I expected. The nectar sh*t was over done

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3816d ago

The demo/gameplay was pretty horrible.

However, I like that FR implemented a sort of in-game xmb. Guys who've played the demo know wat I'm talking about.

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