TorrentSpy ordered to pay $110 million in damages to MPAA

After a federal judge awarded the MPAA a summary judgment against former BitTorrent tracker TorrentSpy late last year, the only question left was how much it would end up costing TorrentSpy's admins. We've got our answer, and it comes in the form of a staggering $110 million damage award.

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niall773912d ago

wait... thats not a good lession

iheartSONY3911d ago

This is;
you spelled lession wrong! It's "lesson" not lession.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3911d ago

He hit io at the same time, it's a typo not a spelling error.

RSX3911d ago

This isnt going to stop me downloading torrents and YES I DO DOWNLOAD TORRENTS! IM PROUD OF IT!

Kakkoii3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

I love my very hard to get an account on private torrent sites :)

I use torrents to download crap I never would have paid for even if the technology didn't exist. I'm to damn poor to afford it even if I wanted to pay for it anyways.

And unlike physical things where if you take it for free, someone else will notice and say.. Hey someone stole a copy of Asian Persuasion XXX 3, that's worth $30 freaking dollars! THIEF!

When you take a copy of data, nothing is actually taken. It's like someone bought a game and put it in a cloning machine and gave you a copy lol.

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Boink3912d ago

good to know the mpaa still owns the courts and congress.

what a load of crap...

gamesR4fun3912d ago

yeppers sad fact is Western democracy is totally owned by special interest groups until we demand accountability expect things to get even worst...

Boink3912d ago

i'm in canada and as of yet they refuse to bow to the bullying BS of the MPAA, and RIAA. one judge actually laughed them out of court:)

harv0523911d ago

Not quite...remember demonoid?

EastCoastSB3911d ago

Demonoid is back up, since a few weeks ago.

spec_ops_comm3911d ago

They really could have beaten the MPAA and set a precedence in the US if only they would have stuck to their guns. That whole forum moderator IP tracking gossip and the back-editting of threads to remove movie names was a TERRIBLE call. That just screams guilty.

It's a shame because TorrentSpy is a search engine just like Google. In terms of the law, they aren't even in a grey area, let alone wrong. But, now that a precedent has been set, the MPAA will have a much easier time suing other companies, even if it means illegally obtaining information (as they did with TorrentSpy).

I just feel real bad for the TS admins now.. How the hell are they going to come up with $110 million? I hope they had some form of insurance that covered it..

The lesson we all should learn is if you plan on hosting a Torrent tracker site, set your servers up in Sweden. They seem to be years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology-related laws.

ar3911d ago

Just add filetype:torrent to your search string and Google will find it for you.

PopEmUp3911d ago

lawyers and solicitor is like FBI man

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M337ING3911d ago

This is good. Shut down their sites, and no ones going to be pirating PC games.

omodis4203911d ago

10 more will pop up man. And then they will get shut down. It all started with Napster. Napster gets taken down and boom you get morphius and Kaaza.

Fux4Bux3911d ago

People shouldn't pirate games but giving corporations complete control and limiting freedom is not the way to do it.

HuntTheWumpus3911d ago

Where is that 110 million going? Back to the filmmakers, actors and crew of these film's? I think it's going into the back pocket of the MPAA.

These people are ambulance chasers. I can hear them whining from their ivory tower. "I only have a Gulfstream 2 private jet instead of a Gulfstream 3 thanks to these pirates!"

RIAA/MPAA need to be shutdown. There is more than enough evidence of their shaddy practices and hiring of private firms to skirt around the law.

Wil Wheaton3911d ago

exactly bubbles for you its like when metallica was crying even though they make so much bank already. Haha the south park parody was funny :P

Whoooop3911d ago

Poor torrentspy...

That was my main site to download everything except movies.

By the way... Does anybody here has an invite to I can't log in anymore. PM me


Spinner3911d ago

lol TL got really anal with their invites recently. I used to get like 3/week to give out.

Now I haven't gotten any in months :/


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