GD08: Trailer of Killzone 2 (Good Quality)

Here is the amazing new trailer for Killzone 2. This was taken off of the screen at yesterdays GD08 event. Follow the link to view this breathtaking trailer.

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Meus Renaissance3818d ago

Who said this game looked grey? It has plenty of vivid colours, alot better than the previous video quality we've seen as of late. KillZone 2 FTW

Maldread3818d ago

I agree, just bad video quality made it appear that way it seems. Without a doubt the best looking game i`ve ever seen.

Ghoul3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

i love the killzone style

and kz2 is my most anticipated action game since i saw it.
whoever says the game is grey is a pure ignorant, that is the best warscene i've ever seen in a videogame

badz1493818d ago

that's what I'm saying! I've never seen anything like that in any other game! may be in crysis high setting but never done that! but whatever...KZ2 is going to kill!!

MisfitSmurf3818d ago

wish i didnt have this crappy a$$ monitor D: this piece of junk make uncharted look gery >.>

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BilI Gates3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Oh my god and this is only the pre-alpha footage.

The rocket launcher explosion at the end = I came all over myself.

They HAVE to add this trailer to PSN tomorrow.

gunnerforlife3818d ago

u made me lose my apatite bro and it was some nice pizza dat a was munching on:( why in the world would u do dat in the first place:S

Sir Ken Kutaragi3818d ago

So that was two Explosions at the same time then Bill!;-D

resistance1003818d ago

it just looks stunning, and again its off screen, a HD version is needed ASAP

Mc1873818d ago

Looks great . just wish it was coming sooner than '09

MikeMichaels3818d ago

Its comming out 1 month into 09.

So whats that? An extra month or two after people were guessing it would come out. Not a big deal at all, just do it right GG.

Kleptic3818d ago

Resistance 2 will hold any shooter fan over no problem...they are totally different, but I am anticipating Resistance 2 having a crazier online portion...

Killzone 2 is on track to have what looks like the most intense and awesome single player campaign (and hopefully co-op also) of a game to date...

Resistance 2 ditto except online instead...

the industry is in a pretty strange state when a Sony platform has the most anticipated and impressive looking shooters of the generation...

TheExecutive3818d ago

Gaming press: But but but its not innovative enough!

fenderputty3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

R6 Vegas get? Did it do anything innovative?

What scored did COD4 get? The single player was short. It was fun as hell but, it was short and did nothing innovative. It received praise for it's graphics, fun gun play and online.

What about Halo 3? What was innovative about that game? Not knocking the game as it's clearly a great title. But was was innovative about it?

Some of the criticisms almost seem like they're only there because they clearly can't knock it visually. It's almost like they're thinking,

"Well ... they nailed the 05 target, what about the game can we pick on now?"

"I got an idea! Lets bring up crates and overly macho acting."

PLiPhaze3818d ago

Have you forgotten how much PS3 fans love their conspiracy theories..
But seriously, I don't know what the problem is with the PS3 it's like they try to make up stuff wrong with it as well as the few actual flaws it does have

badz1493818d ago

if at the time reviewing KZ2, they start to talk about innovations, that'll be very very LOW! Halo3, CoD4 & HL2 didn't innovate anything but still got parised here and there even before their release! 9 month before launch of KZ2 and only after 1 gameplay video which by the way AWESOME and looks better that CoD4 imo, they - I'm looking at you IGN! - started to talk innovations! damn you IGN! shame on you!! I wonder what gamespot will brag about KZ2 because ethey gave everything PS3 exclusive 'not Good' rating!

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