PlayStation Now: 5MBPS+ Recommended, US Mainland at First, Save Files Move, Lots More

With PlayStation Now getting detailed at CES 2014, a lot of people are asking a lot of questions about the service, which is scheduled to have a beta this month, with the full rollout in the US this summer. - PSLS

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Thatguy-3102718d ago

You have to remember though the better the connection the better the quality.

SynGamer2718d ago

So if 5MBps is recommended, I assume this would work on lower speeds (2-3 MBps?) I have a 30+ MB connection so nothing to worry about, but it's good to know they targeted a fairly reasonable speed.

I'll gladly trade off *a little* in video quality if it means playing these games ANYWHERE.

NewMonday2718d ago

at 200mbps I should be fine

abzdine2718d ago

PS Now is WOW! End of story!!

DoctorJones2718d ago


Nah, your connection might get interference from your big head.

NewMonday2718d ago


I'm using an Ethernet cable so my ego shouldn't cause problems :p

sinjonezp2718d ago

I am hoping current subscriptions and ourchased content will carry over. Honestly, i love the fact that i will be avle to stream and play games anywhere, this opens up an.entirely new realm of content. If i have my tablet or vita with me, i still have the ability to enjoy ps content. Good job sony, lets just hope the price is right.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2718d ago

perfect my 70mbps might be able to handle this

kneon2718d ago

There is more to it than just the connection speed. A higher speed will give you better visuals, but it's also important to be consistent, if your throughput has big dropouts then this just won't work well.

The other aspect is the latency, I normally get 8-12ms ping time on my connection so it should be fine for me if the servers aren't on the other side of the planet.

vigilante_man2718d ago

I have 120Mbps soon to be upgraded for free to 150Mbps here in the UK but we will have to wait a bit for this service.

But even with my 120Mbps we have 2 PS4s 2 Vitas, 2 PCs, tablets and smartphones all connecting at the same time.

Wifi technology is not perfect as yet - that's why I cable connect my PC and PS4 for maximum speed!

AliTheSnake12718d ago

Don't Forget Bandwidth cap.

yezz2718d ago

But I think you can't take full advantage of your connection if it's over 50mbps.. Not a huge deal but I find it weird that late 2013 gaming machine has a 50mbps network card.

StoneyYoshi2718d ago

I definitely cant wait for Google fiber to come to Florida!

BattleAxe2718d ago

I'll be very interested to see the pricing structure for this. I'm not buying a PS4, so I love the fact that I could play games through my PS3 and my Bravia TV. I just hope that the pricing is separate from PS+, and it should be since it expands Sony's services beyond PS3, PS Vita and PS4. I would be extremely happy if they were to create a client for PC, kind of like OnLive.

ALLWRONG2718d ago

LOL with other cloud services people here say "the world isn't ready" but with 5MBps minimum they now say "that's not that bad" flip flop.

nightsurge2718d ago

Someone needs to clarify. Is it 5MBps or 5Mbps? 5MB = 40Mb so I would just barely fall short at Fios 35Mbps. However, if they meant 5Mbps that be plenty for almost anyone with cable/fios or even fast DSL. So anyone know which they mean? MegaByte or Megabit? 1 MegaByte = 8 Megabit

Ritsujun2718d ago

Meanwhile, Microsoft's heads are still in the clouds.
"Our 100,000 servers will make your Xbone 3 times more powerful!!!"

P0werVR2718d ago

That is NOT true. They'll have to lower the graphics in order to meet balance for the service overall. it's how game streaming works. Unless, they provide options to those who have faster connection for better graphics.

Gamer19822718d ago

Mad its launching in the US first where as Europe has better internet so less problems.Plus Europe you can rol out over several countries so less problems.

darthv722718d ago

Wouldnt the speed be affected by the number of concurrent connections?

Meaning in a home if only one device were connected to the internet there would likely be no degradation of performance. that is if you had a 6mbps connection.

But if you were to connect multiple devices (console, pc, mobile) to that 6mbps connection it would degrade somewhat. Because that is a 6mbps total circuit and not 6mbps per device.

now logically it would be ideal to turn off or disconnect any devices that are not in use but in many cases we just dont think about that. I have 12mbps and when i get home my phone automatically connects to the home wifi. My kids have their tablets and my oldest has his PC. So in effect all wifi or net enabled devices are connected and using that shared 12mbps speed.

i didnt notice it as bad before the kids got their tablets but now im noticing how much slower the home network is. And to think, i was considering chopping our speed in half to try and save money.

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Eonjay2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Yup. Not everyone has it but a lot of people do.
Akamai reported that the average Web connection in the United States was 8.6 megabits per second.

Edit: I would love to see this integrated into Steam.

Beastforlifenoob2718d ago

1.) My 4G connection can easily reach 90+ megabits per second and

2.) This will never come to steam gakai is owned fully by SONY.

3.) At first you were hating on it but then your like hmmmm... hope it comes to steam.

Eonjay2718d ago

Wait what? I was trying to Point out that most Americans will be able to stream just fine. The National average is above the recommendations. Also I have a PS4 and will be sreaming through it. But imagine whst a bold move it would be for Sony to partner with Valve to spread PlayStation branded content. This is already beyond any one box. Be open minded.

deSSy27242718d ago

Actually, many Americans heve only about 3-4 Mbps..... thats just "average" (lets say some business ppl have 100-1000 mbps), they are also in the measure involved. Example, at first, the average salery in my country (Croatia) is relatively "high" in EU but if you do a better research it actually isnt for 80% of ppl in Croatia. Thats because our politiciants have a much much higher salary than us.

GTgamer2718d ago

Only 5mb hell yeah I'm ready now time to beg yoshida for an entry in the beta.

sweendog2718d ago

That was my first reaction but the title says MBps not Mbps 5MB's is 40Mb's. Where i live at the moment i only recieve 6Mbps so I think I need to move to a better area before this comes to the U.K


5mb is nothing at all. i have a pretty standard connection and thats 18mb. before i had called and updated, we had a 12mb connection for over a year before that.

5mb is nice for those with struggling connection speeds.

MestreRothN4G2718d ago


What about the minimum 150ms of constant input lag?

Irishguy952718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Shhhh, nobody wants to hear about that because it's sony.

Edit - Nah don't worry, Sony will break physics with the power of the Cell..oh sorry, whats the new hype phrase? They will break physics with GDDR5


kane_13712718d ago

Oh I can see why you have 2 bubbles Irish

jebabcock2718d ago

Irish just buy a ps4 then you can stop being jealous and spend less time trolling ps articles and more time gaming..

MestreRothN4G2718d ago

Actually for the first time he's right. People are only praising this BS because it is Sony.

Kryptix2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"Other latency analyses were revealing. Gaikai handles Bulletstorm rather well, sometimes even matching the 133ms input lag of the Xbox 360 - an astonishing achievement." -Digital Foundry

I just linked a thorough analysis of Gaikai back in 2012, now I'll wait for your reply which consists of more bullshit. If the Xbox 360 held an input lag of 133ms and 150ms isn't far from that, then you been playing with input lag this whole time and never even noticed it. I applaud you sir with the bullshit award. lol

MestreRothN4G2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Sorry to burst your ignorance bubble.
Welcome to the real world.

"Games that run at 60 fps:
PS3 System menus: 3/60ths
Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360): 3/60th
Ridge Racer 7: 4/60ths
Virtua Tennis 3: 4/60ths
Ninja Gaiden Sigma: 4/60ths
PixelJunk Racers: 4/60ths"

DeadlyFire2718d ago

All wireless controllers have some ms of input lag. Its nothing new. If it can match what a controller typically has then its pretty decent. Cloud will always have a slight delay, but I started gaming from the 56k dial up gaming era with the MSN Gaming zone. So its nothing new to me.

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Studio-YaMi2718d ago

Wait! so if I'm not from the US then I won't be able to use this service at all !?

If so .. **** my life! :|

OC_MurphysLaw2718d ago

its rolling out in the US first, rest of the world will get it eventually I am sure.

alejandroelputo2718d ago

This is really great. Now I will have to move to the city and get the fastest internet connection money can buy. All that for gaming xD

HarryB2718d ago

I want to know like if I have a ps3 can I stream bf4 and play ps4 players? Is it cross platform streaming?

Beastforlifenoob2718d ago

No its exclusively for PS3 and VITA games for the moment so you cant play PS4 games on your Ps3.

SaturdayNightBeaver2718d ago

Wait, someone explain.. With only PS+ sub i can play ps3 games on ps4 for free?

OC_MurphysLaw2718d ago

No, PS Now will most likely be a separate subscription hence the pricing discussions and feedback during the beta.

And eventually, in theory...yes assuming you have access to PS Now and they have PS4 games on it there should be no reason why you would need a PS4 to play them.

Death2718d ago

The visual quality won't be the same and there will be minimal input lag. For the most part everything people are saying that makes PS4 better then the competition will be gone, but gaming will be better since you can stream it anywhere as long as you have the required internet connection.

Standing from the outside looking in, the irony is insanely overwhelming.

jonatan2212718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

challenge accepted.

.94 Mbps

R1V3N2718d ago

:( sorry to hear that. And i thought Aussie internet was shithouse

Back-to-Back2717d ago

Where do you live? In the Congo? lol

jonatan2212715d ago

I live right next to Boston, which is even sadder Lmao.

Actually tested the connection on my ps4, got 684 kbps....

Underworld2718d ago

Isn't it 5 megabytes (MB) not megabits (Mb). 5MB is 40Mb. I get about 40Mb with PS3, sometimes less sometimes more.

The Great Melon2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I am wondering the same thing. The capitalization has left the bit vs. byte question open. If it is bits then many people will be able to enjoy this, but if it is bytes it almost requires you to have cable or better internet connection.

bunfighterii2718d ago

My net sucks... never get above 4mbps :( fucking Australia and its copper shit network.

2718d ago
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TrendyGamers2718d ago

Hopefully Canada (and everywhere else) doesn't have to wait too long for it.

nypifisel2718d ago

It's kind of strange seeing how the US internet infrastructure is kind of underdeveloped compared to other markets, especially in a sense of usage caps. In Sweden they don't even exists and I'm pretty sure it's the same around Europe. Oh well, I'd imagine at least Europe getting it within a year.

staticdash222718d ago

Hmm. I can do 5mb, with a LAN cable I can get almost 20mb to the PS4.

On Vita, its a different story, probably around 3-4mbs on Wi-Fi.

Bladesfist2718d ago

It is 5MB. So you need a 40mbps connection.

donnieboy2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

50 megs down on wifi...

matrixman922718d ago

my 50 mbps is ready...I just want to know how to get into that beta