Gamedaily reviews Crosswords DS

Robert Workman writes:

''Crosswords DS is a compilation of word games that includes crossword puzzles, anagrams and word searches. Now, before you dismiss it with an excuse such as "well, I already have those in my local newspaper," there are two things worth pointing out.

First, playing all of these games is incredibly simple, and second, you get over 1,000 crossword puzzles that vary in size. For only $20, that's a heck of a value. That's not even counting the other activities.

With each crossword puzzle, you click on the letters you want to fill in and draw them on the touch screen. That's it – no "can I fit a 'T' letter in this small box" problems. The screen actually zooms in when you tap on the square, making it easy to legibly write the necessary letter in the space. The game's recognition system is spot on, notifying you if the letter's correct (a black font) or if you're not even close (a red font). You then click the box to zoom back out and see the rest of the active puzzle board.''

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ItsDubC3814d ago

I downloaded the demo for this game through the Wii's new Nintendo Channel and I like ita lot. It's obviously not for everyone's taste but it could definitely keep me busy for hours.