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The Verge: Sony has finally spilled the details on its Gaikai-powered streaming service PlayStation Now, and we wasted no time in giving it a try. PlayStation Now lets owners of Sony hardware (including PS4, PS3, Vita, and Bravia TVs) stream some of the company's greatest games — all from the cloud. The demo at Sony's CES show booth features four titles, including The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, and Puppeteer.

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AceBlazer131836d ago

Good to hear it was decent. Kinda makes you wonder if console's days are actually numbered.

iamnsuperman1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Well the article does mention some lag and the quality not being as good as disc based games. It seems we can do it with the current infrastructure but it is far from a viable way to use it as the primary platform. Problem is the infrastructure needs a major upgrade which is going to take decades due to it costing a lot (and also console requirements for stream will increase each generation)

Phene1836d ago

Yeh I read an article saying latency will need to be low for this to shine, but thats expected with anything streaming. Wonder what the cost will be and the rental prices ...either way, finally nice to see promised features being implemented.

frostypants1836d ago

@Phene: Latency is far less important with non-interactive streaming such as movies, because they can cache and synch it. Can't do that with games...there is no way to hide the latency.

fanboybeatdown1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

ok. I am glad I am not the only one here who noticed there was multiple references to bandwidth and lag issues.

The article states:

--"Yes, there's a slightly perceptible lag between button presses and the corresponding action onscreen"

--"In terms of graphics, the experience isn't perfectly on par with what you'd get from a PS3"

--"Sony emphasized that everything will depend on your bandwidth"

--"We noticed some visual artifacts on screen"

If you have really fast internet, you can probably play ps3 games over gakai at reduced graphical quality with perceptible lag.
That's basically the story without all the gushing.

RealtorMDandDC1836d ago

Well Engadget seems to disagree with you. And there was minimum lag. 5mbps is nothing, the average internet connection speed in the US is 18.2mbps.

Source: http://commercialobserver.c...

Currently we are streaming 1080p video content from PSN using PS cloud.

The infrastructure is here and would only get better.

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Rageanitus1836d ago

Nope just look at Onlive on PC..... the quality is NOT as good or even come close to a power house PC gaming rig.

Just look at Netflix it is satisfactory for certain content.... but many stil prefer watching on BD disc due to sound and pure native resolution.

hankmoody1836d ago

Really curious about the pricing on this.

SpiralTear1836d ago

I'm assuming it'll be a separate subscription service, but I'm hoping that PS+ subscribers will get some kind of discount at the very least.

However, since PS+ is almost required at this point and so many people have it, that hope is steadily fading.

Conzul1836d ago

I find myself wishing that there would be a higher-priced PS+, giving us access to PsNow and VideoUnlimited and MusicUnlimited and trimmings. If it was a buffet-style subscription, I'd pay 10-20 /mo cus I wouldn't need Netflix anymore.

Never underestimate the value of getting everything in one place...

cell9891836d ago

@Conzul I agree allow more PS4s per account to that package please. They need some kind of PS+ premium service with added feature as you mentioned Video Unlimited and Music UNlimited would be a good start

ramiuk11836d ago

i would expec thatif ps+ didnt get u online ps4 play but i think ps+ is already worth way more than we pay anyway.
im just wondering what will happen to the ps+ games if everything is avaible over psnow

Joey_Leone1836d ago

Thats what im saying, now i have 3 services from sony alone that im going to be paying for, PS+ For online play (50$), to listen to my custom soundtracks (5$) and NOW this. What is sony trying to pull? Whatever it is, it stinks. Custom soundtracks used to be free along with the online. Microtransactions are taking over as well, remember when dlc used to be free? I might just quit.

scott1821836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I personally think ps+ is an amazing deal, it saves me money because instead of buying games I just download what comes out on plus. You make it sound like every time something comes out to buy you are forced to purchase it... If it works for you financially do it, if not don't!

GTgamer1836d ago

mp3 support will come in the future so just wait I mean you have alot of devices that play music no ones telling you to use music unlimited :/ your getting mad about something your not forced to do.

cell9891836d ago

Id like to add that music unlimited is actually pretty badass any song any time anywhere as long as there is internet its not grounded just to your PS4 I use it on my Iphone aswell, Pandora has become useless now.

SpiralTear1836d ago

It seems that the Bravia TV streaming has some issues, but that's not necessarily indicative of Vita or PS4 streaming.

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