Sony Has Sold 4.2 Million PS4s, Software 9.7 Million; PS Plus Subscriptions Up 90%

As pretty much everyone in the industry guessed after Microsoft revealed their new Xbox One sales numbers yesterday, Sony has given an updated look at their PS4 sales numbers, with Andrew House revealing the new system has cumulative sales of 4.2 million units as of December 28th. - PSLS

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iamnsuperman2713d ago

I am quite shocked the PS Plus percentage isn't higher since now it is required for online. I think it shows the popularity of the service before.

SynGamer2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I think a lot of people subscribed before it was even required. ANYONE could see it was a great value each month, well worth the value.

EDIT: 4.2 million in 2 months is amazing, BUT, we will need to start seeing software. I'm a Sony guy, ever since the PS1 days, but hardware hype will only get them so far.

Thankfully we should start hearing news about rumored games VERY soon, what with E3 about 6 months away?

mdluffy2713d ago

All those free games + if you have ps vita its just is a steal!

dedicatedtogamers2713d ago

Imagine how much they'll sell when they AREN'T sold out everywhere, and they haven't even launched in Japan yet...

Peppino72713d ago

I REALLY hope they keep it being such a great service since its mandatory now instead of it being used as an incentive to get cool things. You know once they realize people need it, the incentives will drop(hopefully not), like in real life.

amiga-man2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Impressive numbers and with demand outstripping supply you have to wonder how much higher that number might have been.

With the PS4 looking in great shape this generation, a plethora of games will surely follow.

Biggest2713d ago

It's been two months as you stated, Synn. Games aren't magically produced. We know what's on the way. They will be here when they're here.

Gazondaily2713d ago

Playstation plus subscriptions up 90%! Oh my days.

Well done Sony. Beastly performance

SynGamer2713d ago

@Biggest - firstly, thank you for the "disagree'. I KNOW games are coming, I'm simply reminding everyone that hardware alone won't maintain the hype. Sony and other developers will need to start teasing upcoming games (Uncharted? New Mass Effect, Fallout 4?) to maintain hype.

Nothing to really disagree about, but whatevs :D

pyramidshead2713d ago

Impressive numbers seeing as the PS4 is heavy demand constraint, more popular and in demand in more countries.

When the supply becomes consistent the gap is gonna get wider and it's going to take off.

MWong2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Agreed with Synn. I already had my PS+ access prior to the PS4. I just renewed it in October and carried it over. So a 90% increase isn't too surprising.

HighResHero2713d ago

I have a feeling we'll probably be seeing some mind-blowing game releases this month for some reason and by the time Driveclub releases we will have a lot more to get excited about.
Also, if I'm not mistaken devs have hinted at possible game reveals for this month and the timing would be about right.

xHeavYx2713d ago

Damn, everything going great for Sony, I can think of a couple N4G users that were saying "MS sold over 3M, Sony has been quiet" and then they read this

vigilante_man2713d ago

Can we all finally agree that the PS4 is the hottest ticket right now and move on?

The scary thing is these figures would be even higher if more stock was available. It is easy to walk into a store and get a XB1 in the UK but PS4 is always sold out.

My prediction is MS will concentrate on supplying the US for the next few months as they want to keep at least their home market. The UK has gone PS4. It's like waking up the day after a landslide election and watching one colour sweep the nation.

Whilst I am glad that a true gamer-focused console is doing so well it is also good to see the XB1 shipping great numbers too. It is now time to forget about differences and let the games begin...

DVAcme2713d ago

Sony thankfully has quite the impressive library coming in the next few months, and with the beta running for PS Now, we'll be able to see how soon they have it finally available at large. Just having PS Now as a service will MASSIVELY increase the PS4 games library. I mean, wow, we're talking three generations and four systems emulated(five if Vita is too?), that is a ridiculous value for the money.

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Godmars2902713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Not if they're talking about subscriptions in their entirety. There being more PS3s out in the wild than PS4.

And you don't need PS+ for online. Just multiplayer FPS.

[email protected]:
As far as I'm aware most MMOs are exempt from requiring PS+. Aside from Destiny, which is a FPS.

So yes, its specific.

MidnytRain2713d ago

You only need to pay online for multiplayer first person shooters? That's... specific.

pedrof932713d ago

What ?

You need Ps + for Fifa online.

Dude you're wrong, only F2P games don't need a subscription.

Death2713d ago


You need to pay for online in any game that doesn't have a separate subscription or relies on micro transactions for payment such as a "free to play" game.

KwietStorm_BLM2713d ago

Only for FPS? lol where did you get that from?

NewMonday2713d ago

F2P games, whatever the the genre, are the only exemption.

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jackanderson19852713d ago

Aloada people probably bought it in august/September when they were giving the 3 months additional when purchasing a year sub

AngelicIceDiamond2713d ago

Congrats to Sony. Finally we have real numbers to go by.

Looking forward to Gaikai later on as well the Order, next Uncharted and new Ip's at E3 2014. Sony keeps this up they'll pass the sales of the Wii U soon.

Glad Sony's keeping the backbone of gaming.

Lets play.

Magicite2713d ago

they might beat wiiU this month already.

Anon19742713d ago

Wow. If I'm not mistaken, Sony was projecting only 3 million PS4's by the end of the holiday season (5 million by the end of the fiscal year in March). 4.2 million blows that number out of the water. And a surge in the excellent PSN+ service...the good news keeps coming.

Now if my local Play N Trade would just get the damn things in stock so I could use the credit I have on my account to pick one up...

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LightofDarkness2713d ago

Incredible numbers. Keep it up, Sony!

Destrania2713d ago

This is awesome news. PSFTW!