Age of Conan Characters

Age of Conan goes live on May 20 in all of its Mature-rated, graphics-intensive, literary-high-minded glory, but beta testers have been blabbing about the game for weeks now. Far be it from PC Gamer to keep their mouths shut when everyone else is yakking - they played the first 20 levels of the beta, including a straight shot through the game's single-player quests.

In the single-player game, you're pursuing your character's "destiny quest" to uncover the secrets of why you awoke on a beach with amnesia and a tattoo you can't explain. (And hey, who hasn't been there, right?) You'll encounter a number of characters who'll take you under their wing... or take your life. Who's on your side, and who's best eyed with suspicion? Here's a handy guide.

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wow4u3816d ago

I have a family member in the Conan Beta right now -- he's a long time WoW and Everquest gamer -- and he's saying that Conan is terrific, it blows anything he's played out of the water.

He really likes the combat system especially and the visuals are spectacular.

Snoozer2823816d ago

That's pretty much everything I've read so far. This MAY actually bring me back to MMO Gaming.

LostChild3816d ago

it is as good as a lot of people are saying. I am really looking to get back into MMO Gaming as well.