UFC Champ, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Talks About Racism In Online Gaming

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has walked through his last three opponents in the Octagon on his way to claiming the light heavyweight belt. In his video interview with, Rampage details the racism he deals with playing Halo 3 on Xbox Live. He has some good ideas on how to combat the problem. According to Rampage, "The first time someone says something racist, their address should pop up on the screen."

Rampage also talks about his favorite consoles and using K-1 games to prepare for a fight.

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Jamegohanssj53818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Meh, stop whining and just deal with it. I should go out and get a 360 with Halo and Live just so I can say n***** over and over again.

The Genius has spoken.

PimpHandHappy3818d ago

if i knew it was Rampage i would allow him to kick my ass

please do

i need money

but anyway

that dude is one bad mutha fukr

Jamegohanssj53818d ago

I agree with you my man because when I saw that I was like; "I'll let you beat me down because I'm getting some money especially since I'm under 18."

The Genius has spoken.