Christine Lakin Reflects on Golden Abyss “I’d love to see what’s become of Marisa”

In an exclusive interview, Brian Sharon of The Vita Lounge speaks with Christine Lakin about her Uncharted adventure in Golden Abyss as Marisa Chase.

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DarkLordMalik2450d ago

I'd love to see another Uncharted on VITA.

LarVanian2450d ago

Great game! I loved the touch screen features when dealing with treasure and artifacts, it added a whole new level of interaction in Uncharted. Didn't like the touch features in other areas however.
If Sony Bend make another, I'll gladly buy it! But I'm hoping they'll do Syphon Filter for PS4 first.

Skate-AK2449d ago

I feel the same way. I liked the touch controls but not when they made you do the fight scenes.

Acquiescence2450d ago

It may be considered blasphemy to say so, but I thought Nate and Marisa made a more appealing couple than him and Elena, and had a great chemistry together. Would love to see her return in another Uncharted.