Gameguru:Top 5 Console Games that should be ported to PC

Gameguru reports:
''Console gaming cannot be compared with PC gaming. Both have its pleasures and disadvantages. Some people have preferences but avid gamers know how to take pleasure in them both. On a PC, FPSs (First Person Shooters) are a breeze as aiming is all done by mouse. And on a console you sit back, relax and play on your TV screen larger (usually) than your monitor and play RPGs (role playing games) or third person shooters.

In the recent times we have seen that studios release their title on almost all consoles considering this as a financially profitable advantage. But sometimes they stick to one or two consoles or just PC only,usually to enhance the gameplay and its graphics. After their release if time and effort permits they do bring them out on other consoles or PC which is referred to as porting of the game.

Here we have top 5 console games that should have been ported to PC for various reasons.''

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Marcello3818d ago

Oh yes please, Black on pc = sheer bliss, i would also love to see Shenmue ported to PC :P i can but dream :/