The Last Of Us: Not Making a Big Deal Over Sexuality

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''The Last Of Us has swept up high praise from nearly every corner of the industry; critics love it, players adore it, and it’s proven to be a huge success. However, one part of the game that has gone somewhat unnoticed is how The Last Of Us dips its toes into something of a taboo topic, even in the modern day state of video games. That taboo topic is one of homosexuality. It’s so subtle and underplayed that the chances are most did not even notice it, and that commands respect to Naughty Dog and their writing team.''

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Austin483316d ago

It's amazing how naughty dog kept that hidden in the game I have played through the game 3 times and I never noticed till now well done naughty dog

M83_3316d ago

It's not hidden, it's just not blatantly pointed out to you. There's a lot of subtleties hinted at and suggested throughout the game, they trust you to piece it together yourself instead of holding your hand and pointing it out straight away like so many other games out there.

I think it's a more mature approach and adds much more immersion and intrigue to the overall story.

LOGICWINS3316d ago

I missed it completely. Not that it matters to me. Bill being gay doesn't add anything of value to the story. Nor does it detract anything of value from the story. Thats what ND was trying to show by underplaying it so much. They were trying to show that it DOESN'T MATTER.

Its safe to assume that most people missed it. Maybe that was ND's intention. TLOU is a tense, dark survival horror game. The sexual orientation of characters wouldn't even occur as a point of interest to most gamers unless they were intentionally looking for it.

itBourne3316d ago

I still fail to see how it was missed by people, like yes it was not explicitly said, but it was pretty damn clear.

kneon3316d ago

It seemed pretty obvious to me, I don't get how so many people could have missed it.

M83_3316d ago

@logic, also in times of survival, it really doesn't matter what sexual orientation you are. Thinking such irrelevant thoughts is a luxury you're not afforded in that type of world. In a funny way, it makes everyone a lot more level

itBourne3316d ago

I stand by my saying, if you did not realize this, then you clearly did not have the intelligence to truly appreciate the brilliance that was this game. Sure you may have still enjoyed it, but I am willing to bet most the the game went way over your head.

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Yui_Suzumiya3316d ago

Yeah, it's Bill and his "partner" that's found dead.

ziggurcat3316d ago

@ austin48:

"It's amazing how naughty dog kept that hidden in the game I have played through the game 3 times and I never noticed"

really? it was pretty obvious to me when i played the game the first time.

Austin483315d ago

Look people who is telling me it was obivious it was one of those things you had to pay a lot of attention about I was paying more attention about what is going on with Ellie and Joel not so much of bill

Killzoner993316d ago

I'm so glad Sony owns Naughty Dog. Any other company would have censored this or had it removed from the game. Kudos to Sony for being progressive .

Totoro173316d ago

Bill was fucking amazing along with the other characters in TLOU. As a gay man myself, it was wonderful to see a bad ass, macho-man gay dude representing in the most awesome way possible. *SPOILER* On a personal level, the death of his "partner" hit a little hard for me. Like it's not hard enough to find a gay partner in this lifetime, but near impossible in an apocalyptic after's more than likely Bill will die alone and it's heart-breaking.

adorie3316d ago

So depressing. :(

I hadn't really thought about Bill that way. Perspective can be important. :)

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Indigon3316d ago

I agree. I hope Bill will show up again in DLC or in a later game. He really helped build the game.

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