Guardian UK: PSP finally comes of age - Opinion

Guardian writes: "One thing that struck me at yesterday's Playstation Day event - other than Sony's increasingly justified optimism surrounding the PS3 - was how the PSP has suddenly become increasingly vital. Often overshadowed as a pure games machine by the innovation of the DS, Sony's handheld seems to have finally come of age. There was a stack of interesting stuff of PSP stuff on show. The gaming side was well catered for - the innovative Echocrome was a highlight - but it is in the wider entertainment area that the PSP really shines.

First up was confirmation of Go View, Sony's tie-up with Sky, which launches in the UK on June 30th. The service allows anyone in the UK - no Sky subscription necessary - to download films/sport/TV to their PC's before transferring over to the PSP to watch. Exact content and - crucially - pricing have yet to be finalised and obviously these will make or break the service. But keep it cheap, and flexible, and Go View could be huge."

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whoelse3868d ago

Thanks for the picture.

Time Lord3868d ago

Ruined by Piracy. meaning games wont sell on it cos Publishers wont make money from it.

Muddyalcapones3868d ago

I'll be honest, I don't like my PSP. I bought it at launch and never got into any of the games. I'm sure there are some great ones out now, but with such a strong lineup on the consoles in 2008/09 I can't justify putting any money towards a portable I never take with me. If PSP2 does everything it needs to (2 analog sticks, PLEASE!) Then I'm sure I'll pick one of those up, however.

TheMART3868d ago

Put custom firmware on it and enjoy the homebrew... You'll like it for sure! With the right IR keyboard (Targus for example) you can use it as an PDA, wireless radio streaming, wifi sniffer, whatever the community programmes you can run.

I only have a few games on the PSP that I really like but together with homebrew the PSP is worth it (and with the cam and GPS it only gets better in my view)

Muddyalcapones3868d ago

well, seeing as mine was a launch PSP, the screen has 20 or so dead pixles, 2-4 hour battery life, and the screen gets smudged/dirty very easily. (minor gripes, I know, but It all adds up to be something I never use). As far as homebrew, I don't have wifi at my house so my PSP is an offline item.

DR-IVO3868d ago

if sony doesnt announce PSP2 within a year i doubt the life of the psp would survive within the next 2years atleast. The biggest concern that can possibly kill the PSP if sony doesnt announce a PSP2 is if microsoft decideds to release portable xbox.

TheMART3868d ago

You couldn't be more wrong. The PSP was the sleeper handheld up till now. The DS outsold it untill the Slim arrived. Since then and the release of great games, got the console where it is now. It sells twice as much as the DS in Japan for a few months already. Monster Hunter 2 in Japan sells like hell, God of War does the same for the west.

There are some more great games this year and if Sony brings Little Big Planet to the PSP it has a healthy chance of going strong the coming time.

But as I said: with custom firmware it gets really interesting with homebrew for sure

JasonX433867d ago

The PSP, in my opinion is a blessing from God! The first one I had took over my life completely! I forgot I had a discman, I forgot I had a Game Boy Advanced, etc, etc. Even without the gaming support it deserves and the THIEVES that love to pirate game, I prefer it over the DS. That's why I traded my DS in after I beat New Super Mario Bros. because there weren't any other games I wanted to play.

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