Gears of War: Color palettes

I've read quite a few times already that some people didn't like Epic's choice of very muted colors for Gears of War. Well it looks like they also thought it wasn't a good idea to force people with such a palette, as there is an option in the game allowing us to change it with 4 presets. In order of the images: Default, Soft, Lucid and Vibrant. The last one gives as expect the most colorful image.

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THWIP4454d ago

My T.V. has similar settings, but I've never seen this in a GAME before. I'm gonna monkey around with these color settings, and 720p/1080i on my 360, and see what combination looks the best. :)

icdedppl4454d ago

you've never seen gamma/brightness settings in a video game before? you must be new to video games. may i be the first to welcome you!

THWIP4454d ago

1.) I'm 35, and have been gaming for over 20 years

2.) This isn't gamma/brightness, this is color/hue adjustment. There is a difference.

Deceased4454d ago

I never look in the options I guess I will tonight to check out the difference, by the way this game is the best looking EVER PERIOD! LOL at PS3 hahahahaha

Apocalypse Shadow4454d ago

what color pallet?and people talk about mgs4 not having any!that 4th picture looks "VIBRANT".HAHAHAHA!! !the game still looks fun to play.but bioshock has vibrant does mass effect.VIBRANT.....

Deceased4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

And you won't get to play bioshock or mass effect because they are 360 exclusive, 2 more great games Ps3 fanboys will miss out on. Personally, I think bioshock will take the crown of most beautiful game ever from gears of war. Nothing on the PS3 comes close, no where near this quality of visuals.

THWIP4454d ago

...of course. SURELY you wouldn't expect the color palette to be like that of Kameo?

TheMART4454d ago

LOL on shadowgamer comments!

Haha man you are so funny. The comments you make, make yourself rediculous by the minute man. Don't you get it???

The colour palettes have little difference, because you can change the intenseness of the colours with your TV if you want.

But you don't want that. A war zone is grey. Has a dark kind of atmosphere. Go look in the former war areas like Bosnia/Serbia overhere in Europe. Not much colour there man

The minor differences in the colour schemes are just great done. And you notice when you see the game and change it while viewing on your HD screen. But you won't see it because you're a Sony fanboy. If you only would leave that position and start looking into Gears you would see

MadMax4454d ago

I havent gone that far yet, gamestop still hasnt received their shipment yet. What gives, anyone else going through the same BS out here in the O.C Cali area!

LuminousAphid4453d ago

As of now, the shipment for Seattle area, for both COD3 and GOW, is stuck in Memphis. I hate fedex and gamestop, because this always happens. Luckily I was able to get COD3 at Circuit City yesterday to distact me until GOW gets here, hopefully today.

The Snake4453d ago

We had the same problem here in Olympia (Seattle area) at Gamestop. They had the regular version in stock, but the limited edition was stuck in transit until today. Luckily, I preordered the game back before they anounced a limited edition and therefore got mine yesterday. Single player's awesome, multiplayer is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.