The Ten Best Games of 2013

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gates runs down his favorite games of 2013:

2013 was a decent year for video games. We saw the likes of the 360 and PS3 host titles that made the most of their hardware. We saw the PS4 and Xbox One unleashed onto the market. There were a number of fantastic games across all systems (we can all agree on that), and this is a list of my personal favourites. The are some glaring emissions, most of them indie titles, but that’s mostly down to the fact I played fewer games this year due to enjoying other activities in life.

Without further ado, whether it be from the realms of PC or the handheld joys of the Vita, and even the misunderstood world of the Wii U, these are my ten best games of 2013.''

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Linko642456d ago

Devil May Cry was good, i think it got a rough ride from a lot of people purely due to it being a reboot.

A Link Between Worlds is AWESOME

abzdine2456d ago

a very good list with a good variety. I don't agree with all but i applaude the variety.

For me Tearaway and killzone: Mercenary are missing as well as Ni No Kuni and Puppeteer.

minimur122455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I find it interesting that this is the first place to list AC as a goty contender, but my goty is a mix up between AC4/TLOU/GTA5, with TLOU and AC4 a little bit on top

Reasoning behind ac4 being higher than GTA was because there was so much fun things to do outside of the main story, hunt whales, tresure chests, assassination missions, ship battles, and those shanties!!!!, the first time you defeat a man of war you have the most awesome feel of accomplishment that I've never felt in any game before. while on GTA 5 you've got... stunt jumps that are hard to find, even with the use of the guide book, alien shards that just seem to be a bit boring and doesn't feel like it benefits me doing it, I know you get some weird dune buggy but here's what my routine was when I attempted the alien shards:
1)Drive to A
2)Get out of car
3)spend 15 mins walking around looking for shard
4)run back to car
rinse& repeat
at least while travelling to collect stuff on AC i could sink & plunder ships, I think I've got ~24 hours on GTA but 50 hours on AC, around 25 on TLOU because I played it twice lol
but the game that will go down in my history books?

But DmC, I really did like, alot of people wrote it off purely because it's a re-boot which is a shame. I wouldve given that an 8.5

Lord_Sloth2456d ago

Nope. Many of us played it and still hated it on it's own merits.

gillri2455d ago

It is incredible I never thought any game would push TLOU as my GOTY but Zelda did

GamerEuphoria2456d ago

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate might be visually weak, but my god is it fun.

Surprised Bioshock Infinite never made the list

DEATHxTHExKIDx2456d ago

Glad to see DmC on this list. The game was a blast to play. I played Persona 3 FES in 2013 so I rlly wanna get P4G. Fire emblem is by far my favorite game from 2013 tho.

safeword2456d ago

So sad Bioshock didn't make the list :( I had the same problems with Last of Us. At least Tomb Raider got a mention I really loved that game!

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