Kotaku: A 70-year-old's Take on GTA IV

Brian Crecente writes: "My Dad has been visiting since late last month and his arrival happened to have coincided with the arrival of another important thing in my life (these days): Grand Theft Auto IV.

Dad was, at one time in his life, quite a gamer. He introduced me to the glory of Donkey Kong on the TRS-80 (or was it the CoCo), looking as delighted as I was when he first loaded the game up with a tape player and sat me down to play it on a bulky keyboard."

"...something changed when GTA arrived. Maybe it was all of the time he heard me talking about it, the interviews, working on the stories, the reviews. Maybe it was one last attempt by him to reach out to me, to find that old connection of games. But he was intrigued, so I sat him down in front of the television and booted up the Playstation 3. Handing him the controller, a controller he had never seen, let alone held, I walked from the room.

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Ali_The_Brit3817d ago

haha nice one. very intresting story, also kutos to the dad for getting rid of the xbox and now wanting to buy a ps3. see the hardcore gamers both new and old know the REAL best console

RebornSpy3817d ago

I'm pretty sure he just wants the PS3 because he used to have an xbox and he wants to see what the playstation is like this time...

There's no "best" console. It's a matter of opinion, like music, or movies. Everyone has their own tastes.

LevDog3817d ago

Good Read.. This is how I hope to be except without ever leaving gaming.. Im not a gardner, nor pottery, Not into Rc cars, Gaming is my hobby.. something my damn GF and whenever I get married My wife needs to realize..

I think the dad would like Uncharted.. Then he would be super amazed with graphics and funness of game