Why the Secrecy? You're Making Games, Not the Manhattan Project

A look at the absurd secrecy and lack of information released by developers in the game industry.

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Abriael3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Secrecy is an important factor in any competitive product development. Game development is a very competitive industry.

Secrecy is not primarily aimed to customers (even if it helps building hype), but to industry competitors.

To think otherwise is extremely naive.

ThatOneGuyThere3317d ago

I was going to say "because companies like Zynga exist" but you beat me to it.

jebabcock3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Yeah if you provide too much info too early you get into alot of trouble. Consumers are very unforgiving with changes and games can have significant changes all the way to the last moment. A well marketed game spaces out information to reach a peak interest just before release to maximize sales potential. There are alot of strategic reasons behind it.

360ICE3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Obviously, it's also aimed at customers. Most developers want to make sure that they show something presentable.

Also, the secrecy makes for more speculation which creates hype. A good deal for the developers.

The way I see it, it really isn't about secrecy as much as absence of information. Showing off your new game actually demands a little effort, and developers want it done in the right way so that it looks appealing.

AngelicIceDiamond3317d ago

@Abriael Wellsaid. You need to build hype, excitement anticipation for your product.

And secrecy is just as you said, its for competitive product development.


Definitely.....If I am a competitor, and I see that Halo is releasing a certain day or doing a something new and different that we haven't thought off, I would try to counter that with a competing IP and make sure we have implemented this "new thing" as well, or something better.

DragonKnight3317d ago

Let's not kid ourselves. Secrecy is to so that a game can sell on hype alone, it has less to do with protecting your idea from copycats than it does to be something like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Secrecy allows flaws to be covered up. That simple.

GutZ313317d ago

The nature of the gaming industry is fast lived.
Being as fast as it is with new ideas and game mechanics, developers protect their IP's for as long as they can as to make sure the concept is not stale by the time it hits the market.

Think of Duke Nukem. That game had been coming out for over 7 years before it actually came out. Was anyone suprised it was a giant turd? No, its ideas had been completely used up in every game for the past 20 years.

Lets not turn this into a hype thing, even though secrecy breeds hype, it is not hype that breeds secrecy.

DragonKnight3317d ago

Duke Nukem was coming out for over 12 years, not 7.

hellzsupernova3317d ago

I agree with you

Plus you don't want to announce what your working on too early in assays etchings go wrong eg the last guardian.

Keep us guessing until were 12 months out I say

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Regis3317d ago

Then what's the point of knowing everything before a game is released it may stop a lot of people from buying the game is they know what the bad and good parts are.

Pogmathoin3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

There was too much secrecy for the fallout 4 hoax. Bethesda could have put that to bed right away.... Damn secret secrecy!

DragonKnight3317d ago

Games are interactive. If you find out every bit of information about a game and think that simply knowing that information is the same as experiencing it for yourself, then you don't deserve the game to begin with.

ziggurcat3317d ago

there's an easy way of avoiding knowing anything about a game without the secrecy:

it's called, "not reading up on anything about the game before it's released."

lastofgen3317d ago

I don't mind the secrecy.
There are a ton of games on my mind at the moment.

DrJones3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

As a japanese, you should definitely mind the secrecy of the Manhattan project.

mdluffy3317d ago

because secrecy = tons of hype and news.
It makes them more money.

Hartsy3317d ago

Sometimes the less we know the better, gives us more to look falward to and more fun things to find out on our own :) just release all the amazing thing the few days b4 release :D

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