EA Announces Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night fans don't have to worry about the boxing franchise being replaced by Facebreaker anytime soon. This afternoon, EA Sports confirmed today via press release that Fight Night Round 4 is indeed in development and is on the way to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.

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Superfragilistic4728d ago

Fight Night 3 is still one of my favourite sports titles and I was a tad concerned with all this Facebreaker business. Can't wait for this title and playing as *in very high pitched voice* Mike Tyson! Sweet.

sonarus4728d ago

Not sure if tyson will be in this but if they get him DAY 1 PURCHASE

StalkingSilence4728d ago

FTA: "Pressure your opponent with the brawling inside style of young Mike Tyson"

sonarus4728d ago

Just because they have that there isn't proof in any way. Remember how jordan wasn't in NBA games before because he had his own deals. I think that is why tyson wasn't in boxing games as well. He has his own boxing game deals. That could change since tyson is basically broke now so we will see.

marinelife94728d ago

Sweet finally Tyson in the game. I hope they have a huge roster of fighters. They need to be more like madden in that respect they need more of the real fighters in the game former and current.

Drekken4728d ago

Love the game, hate the choice of 4 boxers per weight class. They need to really step it up with the amount of boxers, especially with don kings crap coming out.

Fallen_Angel4728d ago

I thought FN2 was actually better then 3. The side stepping seem really slow in FN3 and I always moved around lot when I played boxing games. Anyways this is one EA that I actually like

pharmd4728d ago

loved 2 and 3... beat three on ps2 and still bought it for ps3, the "get in the ring" feature is awesome and i hope they dont get rid of it!

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PS360WII4728d ago

Up this is good news. I did enjoy the Fight Night games heck I even liked it when it was Knockout Kings ^^

BigKev454728d ago

Oh smack. A young Tyson in the game. Hot!

Neoninja4728d ago

Although I like the fight night games I hope its harder then previous games. Also I hope they have it where you can focus on the boxing life and not just the fight. With that said happy to see a new fight night on the way.

LevDog4728d ago

One of the worst titles.. My GF got the fight night 3 for me on Ps3.. We got in a fight.. I traded that crap in... Game is soooo boring

kornbeaner4728d ago

That is your opinion and a crazy one at that. the game is one of the best sport titles out there. While I feel the speed is a tad slow, the gameplay itself lends itself into really thinking about the "sweet Science" of the sport.

But then again your opinion is your opinion.

the only thing that has me concerned is whether another dev can fill the shoes of what used to be EA Chicago when it comes to this franchise.

DomUltra4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

Whether you believe it's boring or not is irrelevant, they're looking for accuracy, I was a boxer for about 3 years, Amateur as best, but had to retire due to chronic injury, a cyst in my brain to be more precise, but they have everything down to a realistic level while maintaining the arcade feel, I really do think Fight Nights is the best boxing game franchise so far.


The choreography, green skin animations etc, would take a while, obviously two ds3's is out of the question, they could package it with seperate controllers like time crisis 4 did though.

LevDog4728d ago

Ok your opinion.. Boxing games just dont do it FOR ME.. Wii boxing was mildly entertaining..

Ok Check this.. if they could do one of these 2 things I would prolly enjoy it...

1. This is the least likely of the 2.. You turn on 2 sixaxis controllers and hold them like boxing gloves and use the motion control in the controllers kinda like Wii

2. The more practical of the 2.. Useing the Playstation Eye.. or a motion capturing new camera cause the technology is out there already... Get some shadow boxing style going..

until then.. Boxing with a controller is just boring

Once again Personal Opinion

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