GTA IV: "Glitch Free?" Not for me

NGBiz writes: "So Take-Two's chairman told CNBC that Grand Theft Auto IV is "glitch free." Then why did I encounter the dreaded "freezing problem" multiple times?"

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wow4u3816d ago

"the game locked up during a cut scene: the picture froze, but the audio continued. So I reset the PS3. Then it froze shortly after during a mission. Then I reset it. Then it froze during a loading screen. Reset. Freeze. Reset. Freeze."

It has become very clear that the problem is on the PS3, and not as the lazy early reports saying the Xbox 360.

Almost every post, story, survey and otherwise have shown this. Heck, even Rockstar has only suggested a "repair" on the PS3... why? Because there is nothing to fix on the Xbox 360 - the game only has a problem on the PS3.

This article just helps confirm this.

samchris3816d ago

Shouldn't your comments go in the open zone? I am so sick of these freakin' flame wars! Look people, both consoles have there pluses and minuses. I do have a personal preference when it comes to consoles. But, guess what? When I do occasionally get the opportunity to play on the rival console, I have just as much fun as I do playing games on my prefered console.

LorD3816d ago

I haven't had any problems whatsoever, nor any of my friends have reported having any issues with it.

Either way, I'd rather have a problem with the software, rather than a problem with the hardware (RROD FTL!) :D

pp3816d ago

to ps3 fan boys buy a xbox360 with gta4 because you will not have one problem also there is no fix for ps3 verion ever

Ali_The_Brit3815d ago

pp you never sease to amaze me with your stupidity, a patch was released 2 days ago but i didnt need it as i enountered no problems, so ps3 had a few teething problems but still comes out with a better looking, better running game and free online? hmmm oh this is a toughy NOT

wass0073815d ago

those towels, giant ice cubes, extra fans and cursing fix the RROD for ya???

DomUltra3816d ago

n4user1 - your a dumbass, you always ignore facts and spin them because your dіcks to short to be proud of.

Snukadaman3815d ago

and has to come here for the counterpoint.

Lord Vader3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Good God, it's all over YouTube just search "GTA IV freeze"...

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones though, runs on my console.

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The story is too old to be commented.