Elder Scrolls Online Costs $200 Million, Remnant Knights MMO Shut Down

Rumors regarding Elder Scrolls Online's inflated budget, the MMO Remnant Knights Shutting down, a Fallout 4 fan petition and the delay of the next Dragon Age installment.

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pwnsause_returns2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

$200 Million for a Generic Looking MMO

Gee...Wonder why these Companies go bankrupt....


your question is as good as mine.

peterlocke2757d ago

And why do investors give them so much money?

cleft52756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

The Star Wars MMO costed over $300 million to make and look at it now. It's sad too because if they had initially made that MMO F2P it would be heavily played and popular today. Which is what Bioware originally wanted to do. Rather than learning from their mistakes Bethesda is following in their doomed footsteps.

Throwing a ton of money behind an IP doesn't guarantee success by any stretch of the imagination, it just means that when it fails it will be well known.

Haki11122756d ago

They think it will do well because it's elders scrolls. I was in the beta and I told them flat out the game is fucking boring the single player games are waaaay better than that crap.

Ricegum2756d ago

$200 million on this is a huge risk.

Eonjay2756d ago

So... that explains the subscription fee... maybe they just want to go all out.

_LarZen_2756d ago

Cant wait to try this game. I hope it will live up to all the expectations and hopes mmorpg hungry gamers have.

F2P is cancer for games, so I hope it will never come to Elder Scrolls Online. It it do, it just means it has failed..

boldscot2756d ago

Game is destined for failure, hardly any of the Elder Scrolls fans wanted this and it's not going to take players away from other more popular MMO's. On top of that it now has a 15 dollar a month payment if what I've read is correct, which will have put off anyone who was on the fence about getting the game completely off.
If they wanted to add multiplayer to the Elder Scrolls then it should have been 3 or 4 player drop in drop out co-op, nothing more.

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