TripleTags Haze Demo Impressions

Simply put, Haze has been a long time coming. Originally planned to release across the 360, PS3 and PC last Summer, then pushed until Winter and given much-debated exclusivity rights to the PS3, this is a game that has been off and on many gamer's radar for some time. Featuring a group of private soldiers fighting for... well, it's still up in the air what they are fighting for, the exact plot of the game being a bit hazy at this point (Sorry, but you knew that was coming). What gamers do know is that the game features a change of allegiance mid game, massive amounts of performance-enhancing hallucinogens, an unhealthy obsession with things bee related, and a more serious tone than past Free Radical Titles. Thanks to a new demo on the EU Store (and set to assault the US this Thursday), the game also shows solid gameplay, decent graphics and a fun co-op experience.

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Kleptic4645d ago

finally broke out my UK account to get the demo today...its a shame this game's release window is now...had it been earlier in the year it would have sold a lot better I would imagine...but with MGs4 right around the corner, it might not get the attentionit deserves...

I'll probably get radical hasn't let anyone down yet...

QuackPot4645d ago

Very standard shooter with only the nectar rush being something different.

Guess where Haze will excel will be online and co-op.