Unreal Tournament 2007 to arrive in March 07 reports that Unreal Tournament 2007 will be pushed back at least for a quarter.

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MoonDust4539d ago

Not a big fan of the game but it looks cool i guess. I'll get it for PC with my new windows vista!

PS360PCROCKS4539d ago

la la and the delays will start like they are with the 360 to get games up to expectations...

slugg4539d ago

Because thats when the P$3 might finally be released. Which will be BAD news for Sony. Delay=done!

mikeeno74539d ago

that ps3 launch games are getting delayed, sony needs this game with all the negative press lately...

PS360PCROCKS4539d ago

yeah I know, but they wont have it, so that sucks to be them

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