Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army could come to consoles

Rebellion could bring team-based shooter Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army to console, the studio has suggested.

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piroh1745d ago

bring on the zombies baby

HollowZbankai1745d ago

ugh, more nazi zombies? we need innovation. next, we ARE the nazi zombies. Huh, HUH!!!??? lol i keed

JsonHenry1745d ago

I had a lot of fun with this on Steam with friends. Co-op is a blast with the exception of the reduced amount of slow-mo kill cams.

Chapter111745d ago

Oh boy, zombies. Never before has a genre so perfectly encapsulated the description of its fans.

Skate-AK1744d ago

I would buy it. Bought Sniper Elite 2 and platted it.