CVG: Killzone 2 Hands-On

The wait was made double frustrating by one guy who had the gaming competence of a Granny. CVG don't know who he was but if you read a preview about someone not really 'getting it', you'll got their man.

Thankfully the wait wasn't a complete waste of time as CVG could admire the stunning visuals and soak up enough chaos thanks to the 42" 1080p presentation in front of them. The playable demo featured small sections from two new levels - Corinth Sands and Stahl Arms Warehouse. This was all spliced together to form a ten-minute taster of what Killzone will turn out like. And if there's one game you'll use to show off your £350 games console or your new HDTV, it's this one.

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PStriple7033911d ago

best looking game on any console...let me mind you it's only the ps3s 2nd year

Superfragilistic3910d ago

CVG wrote:

"Killzone's visuals are a different type of splendour to Gears of War or Unreal Tournament III. Those games go for ridiculously high-resolution textures. And in comparison Killzone 2 might look relatively bland, a little Half-Life 2 if you get what me mean. It's the effects plastered all over the grey war zone that make up the difference."

Ace Ventura3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

"Even now, we asked ourselves whether or not what we were seeing was real-time. Yes, it looks that good."

"Bullets are zipping around as rockets scream overhead, leaving trails of smoke. Explosions throw masses of dirt into the air while your guys scream and shout at each other. There's so much going on we didn't know where to look first."

It's over BOTS.

crimsonfox3911d ago

so excited about this one it looks so good i can only think of one thing to say imma crap my pants when i pop this game in on it's EST date WOOO!!! (OMG i need to think of someother way to show my excitement other than crapping my pants)

Kleptic3911d ago

whats this 'it needs innovative level design' to take on Cod 4 and even halo 3...

wait what?...don't get me wrong...CoD 4 is great...but lets be realistic...90% of that games appeal at first was because it looked photorealistic...

it plays just like every other CoD game for the offered ZERO innovation in terms of level fact it offered zero innovation in gameplay as well...except for the knife melee, instead of a gun still has the lame checkpoint system in which enemies will spawn non stop until you get past a barrel, or through a doorway...

now online, with the perks and everything, that was great...and sort of new...again, I love the game...but KZ2 could do all that with better visuals and its cover system...and be one of the best FPS ever made...

we know nothing about the multiplayer yet...but the unmatched intensity we have seen from the single player levels so far take cinema like game making to a new level...

that and they still have 9 months to get it right...thats how long it takes to make a human (well, nevermind)...thats plenty of time to get some better set pieces around the levels...