Resistance 2 - Hi-Res Gameplay Video From SCEE Event

A higher resolution video of Resistance 2 from the SCEE event which was held on Tuesday.

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BilI Gates3819d ago

Eh the quality still sucks.

decapitator3819d ago

You gotta admit, its better than that youtube video though.

3819d ago
sonarus3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

All i want is for R2 to look like those game informer screens.

It definitely looks impressive. Overall R2 will not match the visuals of Gears of War 2 but it will still stand as one hell of a shooter.

I am looking forward to the MP just as much as the SP and i think the game will have a pretty good following with all the new additions. The coop elements and the crazy boss battler also keep the campaign mode pretty robust. We will be seeing gears 2 Friday so we will know how it holds up but R2 is already looking to topple gears online from my point of view.

theKiller3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

with looks like its gonna have so great online but thats all what i can tell from the video and what the man was saying.

off topic: does any body think that MIRROR'S EDGE could have been better with a teenager boy? like around 12-16(trying to save his mom or find her), but i like the music of it a lot, it brought to some memories of The island movie and AI and Stay, i think if they do it right it will be so refreshing game and maybe it will be a day one purchase for me.

Skerj3819d ago

We already have enough dudes as protagonists in games, let the lady have her shot. Back to the topic at hand, I have no doubt in my mind that R2 is going to look positively mindblowing when it finally releases. I wish we could get some direct feed footage though.

SL1M DADDY3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Just out of curiosity, what is it about the two games that makes you say that R2 won't look as good as Gears 2? Just asking...

edit: Are you talking about online play or single player?

Ghoul3819d ago

the game looks fantastic

tough time to NOT own a ps3

chaosatom3333819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

there is no point.

----There are not even the same genre.
----They look completely different from each other.
----They are both incomplete.

How could people judge a game by screenshots is beyond me.

Montrealien3819d ago

I can`t wait for this game, loved the first one. I can;t wait for gear of war neither...ah, the power of choice.

sonarus3819d ago

Yes i am aware. They aren't the same genre but it doesn't look as good as gears 1 at this stage.

Its hard to judge and i expect visuals to improve but i still expect Gears 2 visuals to outmatch R2 visuals. Mostly due to the fact that R2 is a more open game so they are pushing a lot more on screen than gears will be doing but based on raw graphics, gears will prevail

However i am betting R2 online will be a lot better than gears online.
Real game graphics won't show till we see SP gameplay but like i said, i don't expect the game to look as good as gears 2.

Doppy3819d ago

Why do people compare Resistance and Gears all the time. The two games are nothing alike besides the fact that their shooters that have you fending off an invasion, and launch around the same time.

To me Resistance is better compared to Halo. Where as Gears is better compared to Killzone.

Resistance vs. Halo

Both are first person shooters, that puts you against aliens. Both offer a wild variety of weapons. Both games feature a mysterious hero. Both games are developed by similar studios (Insomniac is to Sony, as Bungie is to Microsoft). Both games are Multiplayer intense.

Gears vs. Killzone

Both are graphics heavy games. Both have a cover system. Both for the most part feature realistic weapons. Both are frat party games (by this I mean both games make it fun to brutally kill someone).

hazeblaze3819d ago

Definitely have to disagree with you there... the game already looks better than the first Gears. Who knows how it will measure up to the second one though... we haven't seen any gameplay footage of Gears 2 yet.

My guess is that the two will be pretty close though & R2 will likely have more detail onscreen at any given time (the first one did anyway). One thing is for sure... given the track record of both engines, R2 will run a hell of a lot better while pushing those polygons, but Gears 2 is likely to have better textures.

hazeblaze3819d ago

I don't know... even in its current state R2 is clearly going to be a very beautiful game. There's something about the detail in the environment... plus this isn't even single player footage & they have a LOT of time to polish it even further.

solidt123819d ago

That was not from the single player. That was online with all humans. We will see the single player on the day after MGS4 hits so it will look better then.

Ghoul3819d ago

some pictures directly from sony.
I think the graphics are fantastic + this is 60 people online im totally impressed :D

callahan093819d ago

I think Gears is better compared to Uncharted, Resistance to Halo, and Killzone to Call of Duty.

alexM3819d ago

Uncharted looks milessssssssssss better than Gears.

Gears doesnt even go close to Uncharted graphically

MisfitSmurf3819d ago

ehhh i think uncharted looks better there different type of visuals though uncharted is more of an artistic type a look, but gears is a dirtier grittier look

callahan093818d ago

Sorry, I didn't realize we were talking about graphics. I was talking about gameplay mechanics. The only one I don't think is a good match is Halo with Resistance, they have vastly different gameplay mechanics in their campaigns, but more similar in their online gameplay. Still different though. Honestly, I don't really know what to match Resistance to. I think it's a relatively clean mix of Halo, Call of Duty, and Ratchet & Clank, what with it's fantasy/sci-fi leanings, it's gameplay mechanics, it's weapon variety, and level design. It definitely isn't completely removed from Ratchet & Clank, but it's less like that than the other FPS's out there.

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decapitator3819d ago

Yeah, this is it. My most wanted this year. And already looking this good and no where near release. Can't wait.

TheHater3819d ago

i have already paid out for two copies of this game :)
Yes, I said two people

Ace Ventura3819d ago

I'm so happy I already have a PS3. Seriously the amount of features this game has... its going to look AMAZING when it ships... and its going to have such a large community. It's going to be such a massive game. 8 player co-op? Ridiculous.

I just can't wait. Look at the HD Picture before you click to run the video. AMAZING. This game is going to be HUGE.

TheEndzor3819d ago

This continues to look amazing

and to think its still a "work in progress"

this will only get better