PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Fantastic Screenshots, Info on the Mimic Monster and More

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia and Capcom released today new screenshots of PS4 Exclusive Deep Down, and some new information on the monsters you’ll fight as well.

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core_53308d ago

Fantastic? Just two screens, no HD solution and not fantastic

Abriael3308d ago

You can't even count :D

ZodTheRipper3307d ago

This looks more and more like Dark Souls with every new bit of information - which is a very good thing in my book (especially since I sold my PS3 and DS2 is coming out in a few months).

I just hope that the gameplay and especially the combat system has as much depth as the Souls games.

DoctorJones3307d ago

Yeah, I can't believe he missed that other screen up the top of the article. That's 3 'Fantastic' screenshots for our viewing pleasure.

In fact, each screenshot needs it's own description. The top one shall be known as 'Amazingly Fantastic', the second one will be known as 'Incredibly Fantastic', and the last one will be known as 'Absolutely Incredibly Fantastic'.


abzdine3307d ago

i won't call these screens fantastic given their poor quality.
The game is shaping up to be a hit and is amazing looking after the trailers and gameplay videos we have seen but calling screens worse than scans "fantastic" is wrong cause we can see no texture nothing..

gaffyh3307d ago

OMG treasure chest demon haha.

frostypants3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Oh come on, the first one is a total bullshot, people. The other two are screenshots. I mean really, clean your contacts...

Studio-YaMi3307d ago

The game looks GORGEOUS!
I can't wait to get my hands on this! >:D

TheGrimReaper00113307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Yeah, 3 screenshots, but seriously, I'm also getting tired of a bunch of still images
I want some gameplay footage
Not to mention, if you are going to show images, could it at least be 10 or something?

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sinncross3307d ago

Man I really enjoyed the demo at TGS and that was a small dungeon and only using the pike.

Cant wait for this... more armour selections, more weapons, more dungeons, more creatures... fantastic!

caseh3307d ago

Question is, when are we going to get it. :)

Going on past news, Japan are expecting it 'as soon as possible'. Western release has no date specified.

theDivision3307d ago

Also more Magic abilities, and I'm praying for a small or concrete classes. Dark souls was able to do it and I loved that ability. It would be disappointing to see everyone running around as a tank with the same magical abilities. I have always played as a mage and would love to play as one here too.

Don't get me wrong I'll still play the game, I just enjoy people having roles, it gives everyone a niche making them useful to others and furthering the whole "coop" aspect of the game.

Volkama3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

It's odd, almost every article about deep down is titled "Fantastic", "Amazing", "spectacular", regardless of the article content.

I'm not saying the game is good or bad, just that the superlatives used in the article titles are a bit weird.

ZodTheRipper3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Did you watch this trailer?

If this is representative for the game the superlatives are completely justified.

Evil_Abed3307d ago

Correction, every article written and submitted by Abriael of DualShockers (PS centric site) about this and every other PS exclusive must have spectacular, amazing, ZOMG, or sweet baby Jesus in the title.

Volkama3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

@Evil I had a little check, and you're not wrong :)

@Zod I wasn't commenting on what the game is or isn't. The 'superlative pattern' just kinda stood out.

abzdine3307d ago

check out the heat level this article is at just by using that superlative.
it's a clicks grab nothing else. pictures are so poor quality.. reminds me of Evergrace on PS2 with that poor visibility.

ZodTheRipper3307d ago

Well I wouldn't say the superlatives are responsible for the heat level. They surely are a big factor but the main reason is probably that the title suggests "Info and more" for a PS4 exclusive game.

On another note, I think that Dualshockers is a good site. They regularly have some interesting news that other sites don't so I personally don't mind giving them my click.

torchic3307d ago

because every deep down article comes from the same site (and probably the same guy) no matter how insignificant the news is. the other day they posted an article for one sole screenshot :/

AndrewLB3307d ago

Zod- Too bad those were all pre-rendered where they added an overlay to make it look like in-game graphics, with some of it even being CGI. Ever since that trailer the graphics have gotten worse.

Here is an accurate in-game image of what to expect...

Or would you like the new 2014 trailer which clearly shows the graphics have gone WAY downhill...

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fanboybeatdown3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )


Yeah agreed. Those screenshots look nice, but definitely not 'fantastic'.
Looks like it belongs on ps3.

But then again, it's yet another tabloid piece by Dualshockers.
Abriael is the one who writes and edits for that site.
Say no more.


BlackTar1873307d ago

Saying this look slike ps3 is so far from inaccurate.

PurpHerbison3307d ago

It looks like PS3 cause the screens are terrible, that is why.

fanboybeatdown3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

@ blacktar

" far from inaccurate"?
An unintentional double negative perhaps?


BlackTar1873306d ago

lol nice Fanboy Beatdown. I have accepted defeat Good Game

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360ICE3307d ago

Every time Deep Down gets new screenshots they're branded as fantastic.

These ones were not that awesome, but other than that the game looks really nice.

MadMax3307d ago Show
3307d ago
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G20WLY3307d ago

The Pooriiz look like flying lady parts... :/

liran3307d ago

And what it's not get ? a release date.

reaper243307d ago

I'm sorry, but the "chest-monster" seems to be a 100% copy of the Dark Souls Mimic. Everything in this game looks like it tries really hard to be the former.

G20WLY3307d ago

"Mimics" copy, you know that, right? :P

I like the look of it, personally.

LightofDarkness3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

The "Mimic" is a monster from Dungeons and Dragons. From 1977. I don't think they had Dark Souls to copy from back then. In fact, I'd have to imagine it was the other way around.

frostypants3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

While mimics are nothing new, it does fit the pattern that pretty much everything about this game looks lifted from Demon's Souls/Dark Souls. Not saying it's bad, but it's pretty undeniable.

BlackTar1873307d ago

And that is 100% amazing. Demon soul being the better of the two games i hope it goes for that route in on this game.

CorndogBurglar3307d ago

Yes, because mimic monsters have NEVER appeared in ANYTHING aside from Dark Souls...

PurpHerbison3307d ago

Just a little lame to see it again so soon.

jebabcock3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )


Agreed classic jrpg monster... appears in all sorts of games all the time.

BitbyDeath3307d ago

Final Fantasy also had chest-monsters aka mimics

JackISbacK3307d ago

its ok ,it is about fantasy and magical world and they looks the same is no problem to elves in wither ,skrim and dragon age looks the same but biggest probblem is gameplay i hope they make me wrong but when ever i use to watch its gameplay ,i loose interest for it every time i hope they are making it right .

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