Zero Punctuation: Mailbag Showdown

This week Yahtzee turns the angry, yellow eye on you, the viewer. Particularly those of you who have sent him email crying about the Super Smash Bros. Brawl review.

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Adriana Lima3816d ago

people shouldn't base a game on other people's opinions go rent it first and see if you like it and then buy it if it's worth it.

Lucreto3816d ago

It was funny this week. Fixing everyone grammer was good for a laugh.

niall773816d ago

"you like numbers? how about FOUR, as in FOURK YOU"

DomUltra3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

"I'm white enough to afford all 3 consoles" - Yahtzee

Well, bravo at a cozy racist remark you dumb fυck. I don't like Yahtzee anyway, but seriously people who just keep egging him for dumb shіt like this are just as bad as him.

@ At the disagree-er, Yeah go right along support blue collar racism.

@ below

That's how racism ALWAYS is, there always joking about the little racist things people say, whatever support it if you want but racism is just down right stupid.


Seriously ridiculous, I'm getting disagrees for being anti-racist. Fυcken idiots.

socomnick3816d ago

People are a bit too sensitive nowadays. I don't really see how that remark could be offensive. :/ Maybe I'm just not very good at detecting racism.

Somnus3816d ago


Everyone go get the internet police! D:

Ali_The_Brit3816d ago

Dom, mate i really think your over-reacting here he's just being witty and sarcastic (or trying to be) for our amusement, im sure he isnt racist. but that part did make me laugh and im half pakistani and half white so i dont see why anyone else should be offended by it

DomUltra3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Whatever caliber the racism is, its not acceptable, Im glad you guys are showing me otherwise what good people you are. /saracasm.

iceice1233816d ago

You can't get offended by something that simple.

Somnus3816d ago

Okay everyone. Don't mention your skin colour or else we may offend someone. [/LOL I USE A TAG TO DISPLAY SARCASM]

DomUltra3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Wow you guys are retarded, whatever most of you aren't even 15 so I don't blame you, I'll be impressed if most of you can even tie your fυckin shoes.

"I'm white enough to afford all 3 consoles" - That doesn't imply he's rich, it's implying that he has more money than other people of ethnicity, the reason being is because he's white regarding the color of his skin as a higher pedestal, simply put that's racist, retards.

Whatever, the first barrier of racism is ignorance, which plenty of you share.

ps3 is my champion3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

smoke some bob marley teh both of youz,

and that wasn't racist, are you f*cking kidding me?

That just means your trying to find a way to hate someone and the way you found to do it was to be superficial and jealous that he has more money than you... retarded.

Somnus3816d ago

I'm 18 surprisingly. Calling us retards because we don't see racism everywhere we look is rather stupid in my opinion. Harmless racism can be funny, especially if you're poking fun of yourself...cracker.

Ali_The_Brit3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

actualy im 17 so dont call me a retard, arnt you being agist now? (:P)

he wasnt being racist it wasnt serious it was a joke, hands up here who ISNT white and was not offended? *puts hand up*

stop being so self f-cking ritious, there always has to be "that" guy.

seriously your on about him being racist. look at what your saying your being nothing short of a complete d!ckhead for no reason just because some people didnt share your views of him being racist. how about YOU grow up my friend

heyheyhey3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )


for the first half of his Uncharted review he was banging on about issues your concerned about

so what if he made a little quip about white people? he probably didn't mean it the way you thought he meant it

for all we know he could be implying that white people are never happy with what they've got and always want to spend more money on themselves

you just have to calm down and realise this guy's comedy is genius- only a *15 YEAR OLD* wouldn't understand the genius behind this mans wittiness


ok Mr. Grumpy, you just carry on complaining about his little teeny-tiny quip that the rest of the world struggles to peg as racism

while we enjoy the video, laugh and have fun in life

DomUltra3816d ago

If he was even half coherent he would understand all ethnicity's are represented in Uncharted, he's not a comical genius, he's just a plain twat, little jokes about racism here and there don't fly with me, I don't care if your the ambassador of the god damn anti-racist legislation, it doesn't change that fact that you say something incriminating, and you have a bunch boys mistake racism for playful ignorance.

Ali_The_Brit3816d ago

funny dom, most people seem to find him funny. but i guess you said he isnt and that hes a racist [email protected], im sure wel never see him again now..good job you came along eh?

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